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Guangzhou Insco Cosmetic Packing Co.Ltd is a manufactory located in Guangdong Of China. As a focus-on Crystal bottle company with considerable expertise in the glass area, we engage in export of crystal bottle and glass bottle for  nearly 11 years. We have established design & development department and a complete production line of cutting, polishing, faceting, digging, carving, combining without shadow, etc.


Office environment

The working environment is an important embodiment of the corporate culture. The quiet, clean and bright working environment not only gives people a sense of order and comfort, but also regulates the emotions of employees, makes them stable and happy, and thus helps to improve the efficiency of employees.We have meeting rooms, a variety of sample rooms, etc.

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Office Corner

 Sample Rooms 






Our team

This team has gone through many tests and running-in. It can't be said that the members of this team are all elites, but we have a lot of experience and rich knowledge in designing and making products. We have a professional design team, have rich experience in perfume bottle design, designed products that are popular with many customers, as well as a professional sales team, service-oriented; excellent factory workers, will supervise every customer's goods to ensure the high quality of the goods. Hard innovation is a kind of power, a kind of advancement and creativity from the hearts of all employees, with strong vitality and upward tension. With such a kind of strength, feelings and beliefs, it will inevitably provide a deep foundation and necessary guarantee for the formation of the core competitiveness of enterprises.