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Exhibition Introduction

Beatyworld Middle East

The Beaty World Middle East is the largest, most professional and most effective beauty exhibition in the Middle East. The exchange of beauty products and expertise is the essence of the relevant beauty exhibitions throughout the Middle East. By 2015, the exhibition has been held for 20 years. From the perspective of exhibitors and audiences in recent years, the exhibition has developed rapidly and has developed into one of the most professional exhibitions in the region. The 20th Beatyworld Middle East was held at the Dubai International Exhibition Center from May 26th to 28th, 2014. In 2015, the net area of the exhibition was 24,228 square meters, which attracted 755 companies from 43 countries, which increased by 10% compared with the previous exhibition. The exhibitors were from the Americas, Europe and Asia. The exhibition consisted of 22 countries participate. On the buyer side, 18,210 visitors from 107 countries registered to visit the exhibition, and nearly 87% of the audience had the right to make purchasing decisions. A series of high-end events on hairdressing, nail fashion and perfume trends were also held at the same time. According to statistics, 85% of exhibitors believe that this year's exhibition is better than previous years, 83% of exhibitors are satisfied with the exhibition, and 93% of exhibitors intend to continue to participate in the 2016 exhibition.

HongKong Cosmoprof Asia

The 2018 Hong Kong Asia Pacific Beauty Show is Asia's premier beauty show in the Asia Pacific region. The 2018 Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Beauty Show was hosted by UBM Asia UBM and held at two exhibition centres in Hong Kong. The Asia Pacific Beauty Show at the airport is mainly based on beauty packaging. The Wanchai Asia-Pacific Beauty Show is based on beauty products, with larger scale and richer content. The 2018 Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Beauty Show has more than 2,800 exhibitors, covering an exhibition area of 108,600 square meters and 24 national and group exhibition halls. The 2018 Hong Kong Asia Pacific Beauty Show attracted more than 76,800 visitors from all over the world.

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Beautyworld Middle East


Beautyworld Middle East


       Cosmoprof Asia


      Cosmoprof Asia

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Beautyworld Middle East


Beautyworld Middle East


Beautyworld Middle East


Beautyworld Middle East