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Aug 10, 2018

What do you do of your perfume bottles once the fragrances in the bottles are finished? Most likely you dump them in the garbage, or the recycling. Here will share with you some interesting and innovation ideas to reuse the empty perfume bottle .



#1 You Can Use Them as Flower Vases.

Empty perfume bottles can serve you as pretty flower vases after the perfume is done. You can use them to keep fresh flowers,or you can go for a permanent solution by placing artificial silk blossoms in them.

#2 You Can Use Them to Keep Your Jewelry Pieces.

This idea may surprise you,but this is an excellent idea to keep your regular jewelry pieces on your dressing table and in your bathroom. Most often, ladies take off their expensive jewelry in their bathroom while taking their bath, or while getting ready for somewhere, on their dressing table, and they later forget where they put off their jewelry. If you use your empty perfume bottles for this purpose, then you will have to never to look for your jewelry pieces. You can easily find them. Plus, your expensive jewelry pieces will look good in elegant perfume bottles.

#3 You Can Use Them as Decorative Pieces

Perfume bottles are attractive, like their fragrances. So, it can be an excellent idea to use them as decorative pieces. You can keep them on the table in your living room in a stylish way as accent pieces.

#4 You Can Use Them as Glitter Bombs

Your stylish perfume bottles can work as glitter bombs as well. These glitter bombs will look hotter than snow globes.

#5 You Can Use Them as Reed Diffusers

Your empty fragrance bottles can keep the inside air of your room wonderful every day by making them smell awesome. For this, you will have to use them as reed diffusers, with fragrant oils.

These are just some ways to use your Insco empty perfume bottles. If you think innovatively, you will discover many such ideas. So, don’t throw away your perfume bottles from now on;instead,consider how you can repurpose them.


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