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7 Facts to Know About Glass Bottles
Aug 10, 2018

In this story we share with you seven exciting facts about glass bottles that will increase your knowledge concerning glass bottles.


1.    Glass is not a modern day phenomenon. Glass has been made for many thousands year. Archaeologists have dated back human-made glass to 4,000BC. As per the available archaeological evidence, the first glass bottle was made in Egypt around 1,500 BC.

2.    Glass is made of Silica, soda ash, and limestone. These materials are melted together in a furnace at very high temperature. To give the glass different colours or different features like UV rays absorbing capacity, different additives are added to the materials in the furnace. For example, a blue glass bottle is made using cobalt oxide.

3.    Glass bottles and jars are non-porous. They are air-tight and mostly transparent. Adding additives during glass manufacturing, they can be given desired colours. Glass containers protect foods and beverages from contamination and bacteria.

4.    If you compare today’s glass containers with the glass containers of two decades ago, you will realize that today’s glass bottles weigh almost half what they did then. Present day glass bottles are 40-50% lighter than the glass containers of those days.

5.    An excellent thing about glass containers is they are recyclable. Glass containers can be recycled multiple times without losing their purity.

6.    Glass recycling requires less energy than required for manufacturing new glass. Do you know the energy saved by one recycled glass bottle can be used to power a washing machine for almost 10 minutes? So, you can easily understand how much energy glass recycling saves.

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