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Collection perfume bottle need to master the seven passwords
Mar 01, 2018

Collection perfume bottle need to master the seven passwords

  Now, with the improvement of people's living standards, perfume utilization is also high.

As everyone knows, perfume bottle is also a collection of works of art.

How to choose perfume bottles to collect, the following aspects can be used as a reference.

In general, the earlier the production of perfume bottles, the more the collection and appreciation of value.

Such as the first century BC Rally-style glass perfume bottle, AD 50 to 150 AD Amethyst bottles.

From them, can understand the real "lasting fragrance."

Perfume bottles from different places of origin record different townships

Popular customs, you can feel different cultural atmosphere.

The oldest perfume in the world found in Cyprus was simply and plainly packed into a humble earthenware vial;

The fusion of exotic Madame Butterfly series perfume bottles, even more beautiful, faintly revealed the mysterious atmosphere of the ancient Eastern countries.

Modeling perfume bottle shape has been quite rich today. In addition to square, circular, heart-shaped, crescent-shaped, cone, inverted trapezoidal and other shapes can be described, there are many shapes can not be described in words.

 Material Modern perfume bottle manufacturing industry is accompanied by the glass crystal manufacturing industry and developed.

Therefore, glass and crystal perfume bottle design is the main raw material.

In addition there are porcelain, enamel, etc. are often used as raw materials for manufacturing perfume bottles.

Of course, the overall effect is also related to the shape, color and decoration.

Elegant and elegantly decorated perfume bottles play a decisive role in attracting a woman's visual attention.

The carved surface, the exquisite flower cap, the perfume bottle of visual art and perfume smell art has the same taste value.

 Color perfume bottles unusually rich in color, generally light, especially in light yellow lemon yellow, it is because the color of lemon yellow and most perfumes are very matched, and can give people a refreshing sense of cleanliness.

Technology elements Now more and more perfume packaging design uses a concise, abstract way of expression, so that the entire perfume bottle gives a simple, modern feel.

As recently launched "Jennifer Lopez vitality perfume",

Its unique shape, when you lift it high, fast spin in the sun when you enjoy the game, you will be pleasantly surprised to see the seven-color light beam flashes in the bottle,

Embossed on the bottle ribbon color ribbon wrapped around the violet metal ring contrast with the perfume mark.

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