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From the type of perfume bottle to judge the character
Nov 28, 2017

Choose what kind of perfume can of course fully reflect your personality, but you know, in fact, your character can also be seen from the bottle of perfume.

Psychologists use the special interest of people in the perfume bottle to develop a number of psychological tests of the game, from the 49 perfume bottles, which bottle you choose what kind of character. Each bottle has a specific personality traits, such as in life, you are a person who will not dispute with others, always talking in harmony, everyone is recognized as good man, then the bottle of peace is with you Matching perfume bottle. If you are a very dynamic person, then the sun bottle is absolutely highlight your character perfume bottle. Psychological testing 49 kinds of perfume bottles do make a lot of people have a new understanding of their own character.

In fact, we choose what kind of style perfume bottle can really see the character. Some people like to design a lovely perfume bottle, indicating her naive character, the pursuit of romance; some people choose to look upscale character perfume bottle, that her mature, sexy, life's quest restless in the status quo; some people choose Simple and elegant style perfume bottle, shows that from the heart, she is a pursuit of quiet life, know how to meet, and the quality of life more concerned about people. According to the personality of the people, designers can say that every effort is devoted to the design of different perfume bottles for each perfume, hope users have their own favorite perfume at the same time, the perfume bottle as their own baby to collect and cherish.

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