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How to choose a perfume?
Dec 13, 2018

1. Look at the color of the perfume


The color of the perfume is more yellow, light yellow and purple. Yellow indicates noble, warm,enthusiastic and power, while purple shows mystery, elegance, and romance. Other colors are rare. The color of the perfume should be soft and should not be too bright and glaring.


2. smell the perfume

The aroma of the perfume should be pure, rich and aromatic, secretive, with no pungent odor. The choice of aroma is the most important step in the purchase of perfume. First of all, do not directly go to the bottle to smell, but should drop 1~2 drops on the back of the hand, or spray 1~2, wait until the alcohol evaporates and then smell it. The perfume on the back of the hand is heated by body temperature, and the fragrance is emitted. It has the same effect as the actual use, or smells the bottle cap of the perfume, and determines the scent characteristics of the perfume purchased according to personal preference and different uses.


3.Trial perfume

After the perfume is finished, wait at least 10 minutes for the alcohol to evaporate before you know the true smell of the perfume. It is best to leave the perfume counter for a while (because it is usually mixed with other perfumes) to give yourself plenty of time (about half an hour), and give yourself a more pure and simple sense of smell, once again to the perfume test". If this scent still gives you a good feeling, you may wish to buy a bottle. 

4. Choose according to the environment of life

Buy perfumes to match your living environment. If life is quiet, buy a light perfume. As for the lively environment, you can choose to be richer. Girls should not use perfumes that are too fragrant. For middle-aged women, it is more appropriate to choose a strong aroma.


crystal bottle

In addition, when choosing a perfume, be sure to pay attention to:

1. Don't pick a lot of perfumes at the time of purchasing perfume. If you try to smell more than 3 flavors in a row, it will make people's sense of smell confuse and can't choose the ideal perfume.


2, when buying perfume, it is best to choose the evening time, because the person's sense of smell is the slowest in the morning and afternoon, and the most sensitive in the evening. This also helps to select the most accurate fragrance.


3, do not be greedy and cheap to buy inferior goods. Because of the inferior perfume, even after applying a half bottle, the fragrance disappeared for a while. A good perfume is only one or two drops, even after a night, the fragrance is still strong.


4. Do not try the perfume after strenuous exercise or after eating. Body temperature and the taste of the food can affect the taste of the perfume.

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