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How to Recycle Perfume Bottles
Sep 13, 2018

How to Recycle Perfume Bottles Part 1

Many perfume bottles have pretty designs, making them perfect for reuse. By disassembling and washing your perfume bottles, you can ready them for regular recycling or your favorite crafts. If you’re not the crafty sort, there are even ways to pass them along to collectors and crafters online to give your perfume bottles new life.


 Disassembling and Washing Perfume Bottles


1Take the exterior cap off the perfume bottle and pull off the nozzle. 

Use your fingers to pull straight up on the nozzle while holding the perfume bottle on a level surface. Set the nozzle aside when it pops off.

· Discard the cap and nozzle if you don’t want them for decorative purposes.

· This step applies for standard spritzer tops. Plug-style perfume tops do not have a nozzle, as you typically dab the perfume on yourself. You can skip right to cleaning the bottle.


2Cut off the plastic valve and loosen the metal around the perfume bottle’s neck.

Inspect the top of the perfume, and cut away any plastic encasing the metal that connects the top to the bottle with a knife or sharp scissors. Discard the plastic. Gently, use the edge of a knife to go around the base of the exposed metal connector.

· Pry up the metal all the way around the top of the bottle until it begins to loosen.

· Take care not to apply too much pressure against the thin glass neck of the bottle, as this can cause it to chip.


3 Use needle nose pliers to remove the metal around the neck.  

 Hold your perfume bottle securely with one hand, while using the other to grip the loosened metal with a pair of pliers. Applying gentle pressure, pull the metal straight up until it comes off the perfume bottle.

· Take care not to spill any remaining perfume in the bottle as you pull the metal connector off.

· Discard the metal connector in the trash.


4 Discard or reserve any remaining perfume.

 Pour your perfume into another glass vessel if you intend to save it. Screw on the top securely. Pour any perfume you don’t want to save down the sink and rinse the drain with hot water.

· You can discard the remaining perfume in the trash if you like, but your garbage will have a strong scent until you take it out.


5 Rinse the perfume bottle out with hot running water. 

Turn the sink on so the stream of water is gentle rather than fast. Fill the perfume bottle with hot running water, and then dump it. Repeat the process at least twice.

· A strong stream of water may cause splashing and disperse residual scent throughout your bathroom.


6 Wash the bottle out with warm white vinegar. 

Heat 12 cup (120 ml) of white vinegar in a mug in the microwave at 20-second intervals until it is warm but not hot. Over the sink, pour the vinegar into your rinsed perfume bottle until it is ¾ of the way full. Plug the opening to the bottle with your finger, and shake the bottle for 30 seconds.

· Let the vinegar-filled bottle sit in the sink for at least an hour to remove some of the scent.

· After an hour, pour the used vinegar down the drain and rinse the vinegar away with water to dissipate any residual smell.


7 Wash the bottle in a hot water and dish detergent bath. 

Fill your sink with hot water deep enough to cover your perfume bottle. While it fills, add a few drops of dish detergent. Submerse the bottle in the soapy bath for 5 minutes.

· Use a bottlebrush to clean the interior of the bottle with soap. Kitchen gloves can help if the water feels warm to the touch.

· Rinse the bottle with clean water.


8 Dry the bottle outside in bright sunlight. 

Place the bottle outside or on a sunny ledge indoors to dry. If the bottle isn’t dry in 24 hours, you can speed the process using a canister of compressed air to spray the interior dry.

· Follow the manufacturer’s directions on the compressed air canister, including any potential safety precautions.

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