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How to Recycle Perfume Bottles (part2)
Dec 28, 2018


1Find out what types of glass your local recycling accepts. 

 Call your local recycling municipality to ask if they accept perfume bottles for recycling. They can advise if they accept all sorts of glass or only certain kinds.

· Note that some local recycling plants do not accept crystal bottles.


2 Check the bottom of your perfume bottle for a recyclable glass symbol. 

Look on the bottom of your perfume bottle for a number inside a triangular arrow symbol. 70 is for mixed glass. 71 is for clear glass. 72 is for green glass, and 79 is for gold-backed glass.

· Determining if your perfume bottle is recyclable can help you match up your glass to those accepted by your municipality.


3Contact the perfume manufacturer to determine the bottle’s material.

 Look up the customer service line of your perfume’s manufacturer online. Call the phone number and ask a representative if they can give you insight into your bottle’s type of glass, if there’s no recycling symbol.

· While rare, the manufacturer may also accept their own bottles back for recycling. It doesn’t hurt to ask.


4 Put your perfume bottle in your recycling bin with your other glass.

 Follow your municipality’s rules regarding sorting glass from other recyclables. Set your recycling bin out on the curb on recycling day for collection.

· If your local recycling plant doesn’t accept glass perfume bottles, try selling or donating your perfume bottles instead.  inquiry perfume bottle.

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