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How to use perfume correctly
Dec 25, 2018

Smelling a woman, no woman does not love perfume. Imagine, in the afternoon, a very charming lady on the head, with a touch of aroma, how unforgettable! Which of the splendid fragrances can give you a confidence, a beauty?


Where is the most attractive fragrance spray?

Behind the ear: more intimate for the scent interaction between couples, this location is very popular with couples.

Neck: It is also a popular location that can be applied to both sides of the neck.

Hands and fingers: waving your fingers to smell yourself and the people around you, it seems that there is no dream.

Wrist: The beat of the pulse inside the wrist is between the raising of the hand and the movement of the aroma, and it is also heard by the person himself and the people around him.

Waist: Ideal spray position, suitable for everyone to choose. It’s good to smell yourself and keep your fragrance behind you. When you dine, please spray below the waist to avoid the flavor affecting the taste of the food.

Thigh: Sprayed on the outside of the thigh from the bottom up, is the use of perfume. The high body temperature on the outside of the thigh can make the fragrance more volatile, and it can also be sprayed on the stockings.

Skirts: Many girls like to wear long skirts on the skirts, giving off a faint fragrance when the body moves. After leaving, the taste remains. It is recommended to spray a strong perfume to keep the fragrance lasting.


How to use perfume is correct?

Many people and men don't understand this problem. Even people who use perfume regularly may not know the skill of using fragrance.

1. Perfume should be sprayed on parts that are not easy to sweat and have obvious pulse beats, such as behind the ears, neck, wrists and knees.

2, the use of perfume is not to spray too much at a time, a small number of multiple spray effects.

3, do not spray perfume on light-colored clothing, so as not to leave stains.

4, when the body is wet after bathing, when the perfume is sprayed on the body, the fragrance will be released more obviously.

5. If you want to create a scent that seems to be absent, you can spray the perfume in the air first, then rotate it in the air filled with perfume to make the perfume evenly fall on the body.

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