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Perfume bottles --- small bottles, the world
Feb 01, 2018

     Top perfume designer Jacques Polge said: "The good perfume, the temptation is not just the smell, but also the visual.Perfectly designed perfume bottle visual impact than the temptation to smell olfactory grasp the hearts of customers one by one. The perfume bottle is more than just a scent container; it's also a worthy collection of artwork. "

Each perfume bottle design has its own story, its soul and the theme you want to express, through this to show their unique temperament.

Some perfume bottles are inspired by the aroma of love, with elegant and charming temperament. Will love the fragrance of the flowers released. Fresh and oriental floral fragrance, revealing the romantic sweet friendship, exotic fragrance, passion out of passion and femininity.

The company is located in:

Perfume bottle inspired by colorful life. Everyone plays many roles in her life, and they face many choices for which everyone has their own wise choices.

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