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Perfume brand Daquan: market analysis of the perfume industry
Nov 02, 2018

A good perfume should be unusual, not grotesque, strong in personality, and can be remembered, and it is energetic and strong. The mellow aroma is gradually emanating, without interruption, spread, and endurance. The aroma is stable and the fragrance is long-lasting. At the same time, there must be a unique perfume bottle type and perfume packaging to form an organic unity, giving a sense of elegance and elegance. The smell of the air in the air can not be left by the packaging, but a good design will make people feel the taste of the air. The shape, color, structure, text and auxiliary image design of the perfume package can impress the viewer's sense of smell, as if to distinguish the taste of the perfume in the air.

    By identifying the two sides of the perfume market, we can analyze the development of the perfume industry. Its two sides are: it is not conducive to the development of small businesses, but it is easy to develop new chain ways.

For large retailers (large supermarkets, self-selected shopping malls), they occupy most of the market, have strong market competitiveness, and adopt direct sales, goods mail order business, home delivery, pharmacy sales, and even some cosmetics online trade. A variety of sales methods, although online trading is not done in a very formal way.

Relatively speaking, the small retail industry is facing a dilemma. Mr. Daniel Gifron, Chairman of the Union of French Perfume Distributors in the Northeast, pointed out that the development of the small retail industry has been greatly affected by the large chain industry. He analyzed that due to the small size of small stores, the incomplete variety of goods, the lack of liquid funds, and insufficient order acceptance.

In fact, the market has embraced the innovative sales approach advocated by a new generation of distributors (adding a store of choice to a chain store), which is more convenient for customers. In addition, he also pointed out that female consumers have always been the main consumer of perfumes. At the same time, they also buy male perfumes for their husbands, lovers, etc., accounting for 60% of male perfume sales.

Perfume has always been synonymous with elegance, fascination and temptation, and it represents people's desire for perfection in their hearts. Therefore, the consumer's consumption requirements are diverse. Mr. Gifron added: “We are selling dreams!” Customers expressed their expectations for perfumes, while distributors offered new products and perfect after-sales services. In addition to pursuing a loyal consumer group of classical high-end perfumes, consumers are now more and more concerned about whether it is a famous brand or her sales channel. On the contrary, she is more concerned about her novelty, innovation, and her uniqueness. There are also collectors who are looking for new and beautiful perfume bottles. This reminds us of the prevalence of bad social consumption in France in 2002. They did not decisively reduce the high consumption of leisure luxury goods such as perfumes and cosmetics. At that time, under the trade-off, after the government introduced the quotation measures to improve the manufacturing, packaging and style of perfumes in the perfume industry, the consumer price also increased accordingly. However, since 2002, people’s spending habits have slowly changed. Mr. Gifron analyzed: “With the so-called '35 hours' concept, our customers pay special attention to entertainment.” Although female consumers have always attached great importance to their appearance, the use of care products and cosmetics is good. If they do, they will reduce the budget for high-end perfumes and replace them with cheaper mid-range perfumes.

Although the international perfume market has been hit by economic crises in countries such as Asia, Russia and Latin America, the strong consumer demand in Europe and North America has brought new vitality. France is an unquestioned country that pursues fashion. Therefore, in the past ten years, France has made outstanding contributions in the field of perfume production and sales, and has made great achievements. It is reported that the domestic market situation in France is far better than the overseas market, and the consumption index rose by 2%. According to statistics, the consumption expenditure of luxury goods such as perfumes is very objective for each household. Its growth rate is 8.1% higher than other household expenses, that is, the growth rate is more than twice that of others. For example, in 1998, the French perfume market spent more than the planned 34 billion francs. The French Federation of Perfume Industries explained that it is precisely because of the French people's strong desire for consumption of skin care, cosmetics and other products, as well as their good moral quality and high quality of life requirements, especially the increasingly perfect market strategy planning, promoting perfume The industry has made great progress. Such as Yves Saint Laurent, the company's strategy has two main aspects, continue to maintain its leading position in the perfume field, such as its famous perfume brand Daquan - Opium, Paris At the same time, continue to develop new products, such as in love again. In addition, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Yves, a one-off fragrance series was launched. For the research and development of high-end perfumes, it is no longer pure pursuit of aroma, the type and degree of fragrance. At the same time, the market should consider the interests of distributors, sellers and sales regions to choose, as far as possible to choose large-scale distributors, such as pharmacies, skin care specialty stores, to expand the scope of sales as much as possible.

The development trend of the perfume and cosmetics industry

Although the total retail sales of the global perfume and cosmetics industry is estimated to reach $20.1 billion in 2003, the growth rate of the industry will slow down in the next 10 years. Compared with other industries, she has withstood the test of the global economic downturn. However, for these perfume and cosmetics companies, there are still many key problems, and the conditions and factors for these problems are lacking. Some perfume and cosmetics markets such as Japan, Germany, and the United States have reached a mature level, and even some links have become saturated, such as perfume. Despite this, due to the development of the perfume and cosmetics market in developing countries, the increase in the number of consumers has advantageously expanded the production and sales of perfumes and cosmetics, which has somewhat alleviated the imbalance between supply and demand.

Gas chromatography (GC/MS) has brought tremendous changes to the perfume industry. A senior perfume chemist can use GC/MS equipment to analyze a fragrance and vividly imitate an expensive and unique fragrance at a small price. The recipe for perfume is no longer a secret. While replicating other fragrances, the ability to break down natural ingredients is also maturing. The imitation of natural flavors is almost comparable to the original, so there is less and less demand for expensive natural flavors. Undoubtedly, synthetic raw materials are low in cost, good in quality, and have sufficient supply. These changes have made perfume production more popular and market competition has become increasingly fierce. Advertising costs and marketing expenses will be the most expensive cost of perfume.

Drop-type perfume products have become fashionable. Shampoo, lotion, and soap also appear in a certain flavor that people like. In order to compete with other brands, it is necessary to have a unique fragrance, and the traditional fragrance no longer exists.

Marketing is the most critical factor in the success of a product, and perfume is the foundation of the market. The old-fashioned advertising campaign creates an image and convinces consumers that their products will make consumers happy, sexy, full of mystery and fascinating.

A superior perfume that generally lasts for 6 to 8 hours. There are three criteria to measure here: one is the first impression that the perfume gives you when you get out of the bottle, when it is in the air; the second is the fragrance that is emitted when it comes into contact with the skin; the last is the fragrance Give your personal feelings. The key to a good perfume is to connect these three standard fishes together to create a pleasant and relaxing effect. Colognese and other products have rarely paid attention to these standards in the past, so the fragrance is not as long as it is now.

The trend of perfumes today is: a strong but chic fragrance in an instant, but the fragrance is slowly and steadily rising; the rapid expression of one's personality, but making this charm lasting, is the fascination of successful perfume. Of course, this is also the competition between businesses. In addition, the continuous introduction of new products (products developed for different races and skin types, male beauty skin care products, nourishing skin care cosmetics, etc.), as well as distributors or research institutions (beauty skin care products) engaged in research and sales of perfumes and cosmetics The development of chain monopoly agencies, perfume and cosmetics research and development institutions, spas, etc. can all drive a new round of growth in the global perfume and cosmetics market.

Wen Xiangshi

To say that the perfume industry can't help but talk about the smell of the scent. The founder of Islam, Muhammad, has a famous saying: I think the most precious things in the world are women, children and smellers. It can be seen that Wen Xiangshi's position in the perfume industry. It is well known that the manufacture of perfume often depends on the rich creativity and fascinating imagination of the smeller (also known as the perfumer). In France, the smeller is called le nez, which means big nose, because the perfume industry needs a very sharp sense of smell. The qualification of Wen Xiangshi is very strict internationally. It is reported that there are only 6 qualified in France.

For professional smellers, their noses can remember and discern about 3,500 different aromas, which shows that the sensitivity of their nose is high, so the nose should be carefully cared for, the internationally renowned smeller Andre. Mr. Slugmirde’s insurance for the nose is $2 million. Good perfumers need a lot of imagination and special olfactory memory, which needs to be developed through daily exercise training, just like pianists practice all kinds of scales without interruption. Therefore, in order to make the nose not lose its sensitivity, the smelling scenters will have to do an early morning class to smell the smell. It is worth mentioning that among the thousands of spices that the perfumer sniffs every day, the real "fragrance "There are not many spices, most of them are "smelly", and some are so unpleasant.

It is rumored that Mr. Andre has worked tirelessly to capture the fascinating aroma of the country. He has spent countless nights sipping the fragrance of jasmine in the Jasmine Garden in Sri Lanka. He has spent countless long nights to appreciate one person. The floral bouquet used by Indian dancers during the performance.

After the smell of the fragrant scented people, the brain left a myriad of aromatic memories, and sometimes even before the perfume exists, it can smell the perfume in his mind. In the laboratory, the scented scented men firstly blended various levels and different degrees of aromatic odors, sniffing them, and repeatedly conceiving them until they have formulated a style that can be dumped and conquered. Different perfumes.

The wonderful and mysterious perfume kingdom contains dreams and talents. She is an unparalleled and wonderful art, a world that is different but fickle, a deep and intimate encounter with one person, but the perfume is not a chemist. "Cocktails that simply mix together a variety of fragrances, so every French perfume is a classic that has undergone countless failures, countless successes, and countless efforts. There will be at least 350 in each fragrance. A variety of ingredients, can be imagined in the complex preparation process, which is why the French perfume can be a great success, the key to its reputation.

However, in France, most ofthe perfumers are "ancestors", fathers and sons, sons and grandsons, and hundreds of years of efforts to establish a hereditary dynasty, the outsiders are not allowed to enter, so that things are rare, so in Europe Especially in Paris, France, boys and girls are extremely admired by perfumers. As long as the perfumer signs his own name on his work, he can let a small bottle of perfume be tens or even hundreds of times. Panic buying. It can be seen that Wen Xiangshi has great potential for development in the perfume industry.

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