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Products can not be sold? Learn the clever design of this perfume bottle
Nov 28, 2017

In order to attract the attention of consumers, businesses pay more and more attention to packaging design, and I feel a pity every time I see the beautiful packaging finally discarded.

If businesses can design product packaging, think more about whether to help people make better use of product packaging, product sales should be improved and brand building are good.

Recently saw a Mexican perfume company, their perfume bottle design is bright.

Perfume bottles are generally very beautiful, but the bottle of used perfumes, most people can only discarded, because really can not think of other uses. And this is called Xinú Mexican perfume brand, their perfume bottles can be used as vases and censer after use.

Xinú perfume bottle with minimalist design, perfume bottle glass and wood from the two parts, was a geometric symmetry structure.

Each half of the glass and wood can be connected to each other, so that when the perfume runs out, it can be spliced to form a sculpture ornament, as a vase and censer.

The ingenuity of this design is not to discover through the design of the bottle of re-use value, but will increase people's buy-back rate, so that people can not help but buy buy.

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