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Professional knowledge of perfume specialty 2.0
Jun 20, 2018

Professional knowledge of perfume specialty 2.0

1. The duration of fragrance on the skin depends on what factors.


1. perfume lasts different times on different people's skin.

A) the skin contains different chemical components, such as the oil, sweat, and microbes on the skin, which affect the temperature and the pH value of the skin, and the perfume is made up of many spices, so the perfume stays on some people for a long time, and some time is short because of the individual skin characteristics. .

B) people's health also affects the duration of perfume on the skin, and even the wound on the skin will shorten the duration of perfume.

90% of the perfume of Grade A is pure natural essential oil.

In ancient times, people used the essential oils extracted from plants to treat diseases. Today, this science is called spice therapy.

If you study carefully what ingredients in perfume, you will understand:

For example, the orchid has the function of the pain of the town,

Lemon, rose, oranges, rosemary have cleansing effect.

Jasmine and chamomile have the effect of relaxation and digestion

Lavender, mimosa and pear have the effect of relieving mental stress.

Therefore, spices have medical functions. If people are in an unhealthy state, the essential oils in the perfume will quickly infiltrate into the subcutaneous tissue and are absorbed by the skin. Then the essential parts of the body are added and consumed, so it is generally recommended that this customer use the fragrant water on the hair and clothes.

In this sense, B perfume is derived from petroleum chemical products, mainly the flavor and fragrance of the same class a perfume, but do not have a rich perfume fragrance 3 complete, B perfume can make use of their generation of ingredients to maintain a longer period of time.

Generally speaking, fragrance stays on the skin for about 6-8 hours, and the essence is about 3 hours. Perfume is about 1 to 2 hours.  Perfume lasts longer on young and dry skin. The old, oily skin is short. For middle-aged women, explain and suggest to her that perfume lasts longer on her hair and clothes.

There are also differences in the duration of perfume between pure cotton, silk and synthetic materials.

Apply perfume to natural clothing (spice lasting for up to two months), so you can fully understand the durability of real perfume.


2. nose acceptance of perfume also varies. Objectively speaking, in the sense of nose, the difference between the nose and the skin is much different from that of the skin.

A) adaptability. There is a quick adaptability after several inhalation, that is, when the customer smells perfume, the perfume will soon dissipate, even if it is not the case.

Once there is long time adaptability, you may have a sense of smell from the impression that you use every day of the perfume, perfume will fade, then you will increase the dosage, actually this is only an illusion of the sense of smell, also known as adaptability.

In this case, you can only temporarily stop using this perfume, and with other types, the nose has a rest period, after a period of time, when you meet with her again, you can also feel her original flavor.

B) people are subjective in the perception of fragrance, and can do such an experiment, distribute each scent to different people, and let them write their feelings on paper without saying it, in order to make people's conclusions do not affect each other, and it will be found that the smell experience of the same perfume is different. Not interesting is the taste of BOSS WOMAN perfume, people feel is a flower, some fruit, some spices, and even some people will feel the tobacco and so on, so the difference is the smell be quite different.

C) respectively in a cold, have a fever, allergies, chronic frontal sinusitis, we should explain the customer, in this case, it is not normal to smell smell of

3. if you buy a 2ML trial suit, you should turn the test tube into a hot spot in use, so that the diameter of the spot is at least 1 centimeters. Do not use the test tube cap to dip the perfume on the skin. So the amount is too little, and it should be applied to some hot spots, hair and clothes at the same time. It should be installed in the run out within 5-6 times so far use trial, but not longer, at the same time trial installed in the test tube perfume directly in contact with air will soon lead to the oxidation reaction occurs, the flavor and the head with the closed perfume bottle perfume difference.

4. the full three layer fragrance is the real symbol of French perfume, because the flavor of the imitation in the front and middle flavors will be a flavor.



2. How to preserve perfume


Perfume is a thing difficult to save, so that if you rarely use perfume or love the alternate use of different brands of perfume, you'd better find some key problems of clear preservation of perfume

When you save perfume, you must keep the perfume bottle tightly closed and avoid sunlight exposure. If you don't use it regularly, you'd better keep the small bottle of perfume in a carton. Perfume is not eternal. The hotter the room, the more the sun shines, and the less fragrant liquid remains in the bottle, the faster the perfume will deteriorate. In a refrigerator or dark environment or with an opaque box in an air circulated environment, keep perfume for half a year or longer. In a fairly hot environment, perfume may deteriorate in a matter of weeks or days. The right place to preserve perfume is fridge.

Perfumes will deteriorate when they fall into debris or oxidize with air.  The metamorphism of perfume is the thickening of perfume, the change of color or smell. Although this perfume can continue to use, but the perfume structure has been destroyed, the first, the second layer has taste fragrance, perfume and duration will decline. Conservatively estimated that the longest holding time for perfume is not more than 3 years.

Sprinkler head: there is basically no use restriction, so that perfume can not touch air. There is a preservation method for the perfume bottle: spray the bottle upside down, spray the head down, press the sprinkler, and spray the perfume left in the tube. Foggy perfume can be felt instantly and completely, while ordinary perfume can only expand gradually according to the body's heat.

Natural spray has showed that the nozzle can not maintain the absolute accuracy of the vial dosage, such as pump like the spray nozzle is ejected from the nozzle and can not guarantee that the molecular size of aerosol. This method is longer than that without a sprinkler, and the duration of aroma development is shorter.

Finally, wish us no perfume that has been preserved for a long time. Use your perfume often! Fridge - we have talked about places that can better preserve perfume, but we still have better places to preserve Perfume: our skin!


3. Identification of perfume


Refrigerator Law:


Put the perfume in the fridge (note that it is not the freezing room, don't freeze the perfume) the fresh keeping area can also be used.

After 24 hours, come out again and observe:

1. if it is inferior products, there will be precipitation or turbid.

2. if the product is high quality, pure and transparent perfume will not change.


Note: it is not recommended to do experiments with high price perfume


Blowing (a fairly new method):


1. first spray the perfume on your hand.

2. put the sprinkler on the hands of the perfume department, lightly Sassafras two, let the sprinkler with perfume.

3. blow hard on the perfume on the sprinkler.

4. if there is a clear white foam on the sprinkler (PS: not your own saliva), then your perfume is very good (natural flavors are more).


It must be noted that this method must be effective quickly.


The country of 7.EAN/UPC code

The top three:

000 - 019 USA & Canada

020 - 029 reserved for local use (store/warehouse)

030 - 039 USA & Canada drugs (see U.S. National Drug Code)

040 - 049 reserved for local use (store/warehouse)

050 - 059 coupons

060 - 099 USA & Canada

100-139 USA & Canada (reserved for later use)

200-299 reserved for local use (store/warehouse)

300-379 France

380 Bulgaria

383 Slovenia

385 Croatia

387 Bosnia and Herzegovina

400-440 Germany

450-459 Japan

460-469 Russia

470 Kyrgyzstan

471 Taiwan

474 Estonia

475 Latvia

476 Azerbaijan

477 Lithuania

478 Uzbekistan

479 Sri Lanka

480 Philippines

481 Belarus

482 Ukraine

484 Moldova

485 Armenia

486 Georgia

487 Kazakhstan

489 Hong Kong

490-499 Japan

500-509 United Kingdom

520 Greece

528 Lebanon

529 Cyprus

531 Macedonia

535 Malta

539 Ireland

540-549 Belgium and Luxembourg

560 Portugal

569 Iceland

570-579 Denmark

590 Poland

594 Romania

599 Hungary

600-601 South Africa

608 Bahrain

609 Mauritius

611 Morocco

613 Algeria

616 Kenya

619 Tunisia

621 Syria

622 Egypt

624 Libya

625 Jordan

626 Iran

627 Kuwait

628 Saudi Arabia

629 United Arab Emirates

640-649 Finland

690-695 China

700-709 Norway

729 Israel

730-739 Sweden

740 Guatemala

741 El Salvador

742 Honduras

743 Nicaragua

744 Costa Rica

745 Panama

746 Dominican Republic

750 Mexico

754-755 Canada

759 Venezuela

760-769 Switzerland

770 Colombia

773 Uruguay

775 Peru

777 Bolivia

779 Argentina

780 Chile

784 Paraguay

785 Peru

786 Ecuador

789-790 Brazil

800-839 Italy

840-849 Spain

850 Cuba

858 Slovakia

859 Czech Republic

860 Serbia and Montenegro

865 Mongolia

867 North Korea

869 Turkey

870-879 Netherlands

880 South Korea

884 Cambodia

885 Thailand

888 Singapore

890 India

893 Vietnam

899 Indonesia

900-919 Austria

930-939 Australia

940-949 New Zealand

950 Head Office

955 Malaysia

958 Macau

977 Serial publications (ISSN)

978-979 Bookland (ISBN)

980 Refund receipts

981-982 Common Currency Coupons

990-999 Coupons



If barcode is only 12, it is produced in the United States or Canada, but now the United States and Canada are starting to use 13 bit EAN codes.


Interpretation of 8.EAN code


EAN has 8 digits and 13 digit digits. The 13 digit composition is like this:


* country code (top 3)

* producer code (the last 4 bits)


Country code and manufacturer code are issued and managed by EAN country headquarters.


* goods code (5 more)


These 5 bits of code are set by the vendor


* computer check code (the last 1 bits)


The 8 bit EAN is a code for small businesses, so its components are different from those of the 13 bit EAN.


The calculation method of the last 1 bits:


For example, there is a bar code for a commodity: 6902088600742

Among them:

690 is the country code, representing China.

2088 for producer code

60074 for goods code

2 is a check code


Now we add all the even numbers except the last one, and then multiply 3.

(9+2+8+6+0+4) *3=87

Then add the result to the couple number

87+6+0+0+8+0+7 = 108

The combination of the odd numbers and the 10 phase surplus

98 mod 10 = 8

Subtract 10 again:

10-8 = 2


2 is the check code.

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