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The design of the perfume bottle
Jun 20, 2018


                               The design of the perfume bottle


1.bottles of perfume is a three-dimensional container in the bottle, the bottle, the base of each part can "make a fuss", a lot of brand performance products based on the characteristics of the "details" this advantage. for example, dior's miss dior perfume, plus show female gentle bow in the traditional design of bottle mouth, may in the "taste", people may not remember the taste, but will remember being highlighted in the mouth of the bow. in addition, in the bottom of the part to undertake the dior fashion pattern commonly used "houndstooth", with the scrub and depression to strengthen contrast, get touch to enjoy in the use of their perfume. these seemingly casual little details set off a miss wind in the field of perfume bottles. like vera wang princess flower and fruit fragrance perfume, the whole bottle type is like a heart type ring, the center of gravity model is more attractive, the face of the center of gravity is more attractive, the carved glass face, the gleam of deep purple red, every princess has its own jewels, the coronation of the jewellery crown in the bottle of princess, and the crown cap under the cap. with a memorial ring, users can take off as a ring to wear and play the purpose of interacting with consumers.

2. in order to facilitate consumers to use conveniently and safely, they pay more attention to their usability under the beautiful appearance of fragrances. in the past, perfume bottles were often lost, leaky, slippery and so on. designers are working hard to solve them. for example, gucci is full of provocative sexy fragrance, "i want something red", which is both passionate and nostalgic. from the fragrance of advertising, packaging, everything is red as the theme. the square shape and the built-in sprinkler head are both novel and unique, and convenient to use. in addition to the flamer's magic sweet perfume, the elliptical bottle type is often a slippery hand in a small woman's hand, especially in a large capacity product. in order to stop such a phenomenon, the designer recesses the big round of the thumb on the side of the bottle. in appearance, the concave circular image is put into a magnifying glass of the bottle and is displayed to the world. the wonders of the perfume world, in function, correspond to the fragrance of the hands, and achieve the purpose of skid resistance.


3. "bionic" is the usual trick of many designers, in the clothing, industrial modeling field in the design of "bionic" plays an important role, perfume container is no exception. kenzo 2001 re launch bamboo fragrance, widely popular around the world is not only the mysterious oriental fragrance, created a very "bionic" characteristics of fragrance bottle type, imitation modeling in the overall shape of bamboo. dark blue frosted glass, strong and powerful curved body, like a man's determination to face pressure and setbacks. while enjoying its fragrance, you can also enjoy the "mysterious" plant, moso bamboo, which has oriental characteristics. the world's best - selling perfume, dkny be delicious, is packed with classic 50ml apple shaped bottles and cartons. the carton packaging is mixed with flower and fruit patterns and water droplet dew design, showing a juicy and dripping effect. the apple bottle is not the same as the real apple. in addition, green apple, pink apple, and red are presented according to the fragrance. apple and other apples with different colors. under the attractive appearance, they hide the same alluring smell. with the progress of science and technology and the improvement of people's aesthetic standards, more and more brand businesses are seeking more classic perfume bottles.

the use of "analogy" is one of the easier ways to achieve classics. in 1999, dior launched the "true me" female fashion fragrance, becoming one of the classic works of dior. the slender bottleneck, elegant and charming, compares the feminine fine neck, and uses a golden scarf around the bottleneck for a week. the models that appear in print and media advertisements show people in this way. the unique bottle design, beautiful decoration, smooth and transparent without any modification, the letters j'adore hidden in the beautiful crystal bottle, female image to other noble and capable and confident analogy.

5. the design patterns of the same product are various, and the perfume bottles with different capacities and shapes have begun to rise. kenzo flower by kenzo to tilt transparent bottle of special design, a red poppy, poppy is slender and strong, simple and elegant image to convey the crystal clear, launched the european no.1 female fragrance. this ingenious idea is based on the belief that "life is high and low, how many ups and downs, and always show the pride of people with the most beautiful gesture". it is the first on the market with different capacity of different appearance of perfume: 30ml is to be put in the bud, 50ml is used at the beginning of the bloom of joy, 100ml is blooming flowers, symbolizing the different stages and the process of flower growth. the bottle body also shows different bending amplitude according to its capacity. the whole bottle shaped line is just like the rich color of the flowers swaying against the wind. these different bottle types stimulate people's desire to collect, and lead to different associations of mind and state in different stages of life. yes, the perfume bottle design fully into account the coordinated relationship between the bottle and the bottle such as: "water of life" perfume bottle design, leading to a return to the traditional trend, but there is no lack of modern sense. two different bottle shapes are put together just back to back or shoulder to shoulder. they are opposite and unified, one bottle and two different sides. the wall of the bottle of perfume bottles are cleverly processed into cream "m" and "w" is just english man and woman, with a translucent circular lid, give a person from the pebble on the stream flow

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