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The History Of Perfume Bottle Bbodies
Dec 07, 2018

Believe a lot of people buy perfume, what the first eye sees can be the bottle of perfume, come again just be perfume flavour, when you walk through perfume shop, feel to love to visit a small-sized museum now. In the past, we can all feel the changes of The Times through the distinctive perfume bottle and the design sense of perfume bottle.

In the first decade of the 20th century, according to the changing times and the peak of artistic styles, the design of perfume bottles appeared in most of the fancier and more complex forms, such as the Floramye perfume of l.t.pver in 1905. In this period, perfume bottles were mainly made of crystal. Use gold lettering and brass bottle caps as garnishes, cork as stoppers to prevent odors from escaping, and rub the stoppers directly on your wrists and neck when using. In 1907, the first spray perfume appeared. This perfume spray is known as "perfumers" and they are converting liquid perfume into fine spray. After the atomizer was born. A new industry, making all kinds of decorative popular perfume bottles called Devibiss, perfume bottle body curve beautiful, the bottle top decorated with a few glass flowers. At that time, spray perfume bottles were very expensive.

In 1920, with the first world war, American soldiers brought perfume back from overseas to give to their sweetheart, which affected the demand for perfume. With the increase of perfume sales, American perfume companies are flourishing. At the same time, perfume bottle design is in line with fashion, and new perfume bottle design emerges in an endless stream. With the change of perfume bottle body, perfume test is becoming more and more international. Compared with the previous taste of local customs and customs and the idea of fancy and complex bottle body design and packaging, more fashion sense and urban design inspiration emerge.

In 1930, when the financial crisis hit, perfume sales fell like never before. Many perfume makers around the world have been forced to shut down, and the rare perfume bottles have temporarily disappeared. Instead, a simple, inexpensive bottle is available. Perfume companies have also chosen to produce high-priced bottles, in the appearance of the eye-catching packaging. For example, these 1930s coty perfumes chose glass high-heeled shoes bottles to attract consumers' attention.

Creative perfume bottle designs started coming back in 1940 after the end of world war II in the mid-1940s, a situation not seen in the past decade. The inopportune arrival of the war has put an end to the glass blowing industry, but people's expectations of the perfume bottles are increasing. Perfume manufacturers have figured out a way to satisfy citizens' need for perfume by creating elaborate mould shaped like is allow these amazing bottles to be produced by machines in large Numbers. At this time you can often see different companies launched the same wonderful bottle design; By painting on bottles, or by using metal and plastic objects for decoration; With such personalized design to distinguish different brands.

In this 40 years, perfume bottle body and social change are appropriate change. Fifty years later, it's a different story.


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