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The Story of Perfume Bottles
Aug 10, 2018

     Would you agree with Christian Dior that, “a woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting?” You might think that this is a rather exaggerated statement, but some believe in the magical powers of perfumes; their ability to evoke memories and to stimulate senses. Such precious liquids required special vessels to match their extraordinary effects. 

     Until 1900 perfume was sold in ordinary glass vials from a chemist where you would have it refilled with your chosen fragrance.  The elaborate perfume containers desired by some had to be purchased separately at a much higher cost.  It was Francoise Coty, a Parisian perfume maker who, in the 1900s, launched the commercial perfume bottle that we have today. Inspired by Rene Lalique and his famous glass creations, Coty commissioned Lalique to design attractive labels for his perfume and later the bottles themselves.  This proved a great success in changing the face of the perfume business forever. 

      he most exquisite period of perfume bottle design was the 1920s and 1930s. At that time there were 400 manufactures of glass perfume bottles in France. Today there are only three.  The early bottles had hand made stoppers which were hand-ground into the bottle. Each fit was unique, so numbers were engraved on stopper and bottle in order that they could be matched up after filling. This was a very costly process until about the 1970s when plastic stoppers were introduced and today the crystal perfume bottle become more and popular.

Perfume bottles are an excellent choice for those looking to begin a collection. Their style, age, rarity and condition play an important part. They are small to house and are a great choice for any budget.  

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