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The trick of using perfume correctly
Mar 01, 2018

The trick of using perfume correctly:

First: do skin moisturizing before using perfume

Perfume is a long period of time, and the relationship between the moisture content of the skin, no matter what kind of perfume, before use to do a good job moisturizing the skin, long way to perfume more durable oh.

Second: women use male perfume

A survey shows that 1/3 of men and women in the use of perfume is oh, it also makes more and more perfume brands launched both men and women can use perfume, neutral perfume, women with men's fragrance, smell some presents in the male and female fragrant incense in the taste is different now.

Third: choose perfume with the nose

The selection of a new perfume don't suggest a super high section of the smell of perfume, try too much flavor, the nose can not effectively be judged, and don't immediately decided to buy perfume perfume, because after the transfer may take half an hour before presenting suggestions after the trial around, think Basenotes is the flavor of love. Before purchase, so as to be more correct to buy their love perfume.

Fourth: avoid perfumes all over the body

Spraying the body with perfume will let the people around you can escape, spraying in key parts such as pulse, the pulse position will dissipate heat from the skin can make perfume evaporate into the air, let the fragrance of the fragrance is more durable, but also on the inside of the wrist, neck, ears and the inner side of the elbow smear.

Fifth: can't rub the wrist

When using perfume, not to rub two wrist, because before the scent of light, then will last for a long time, if the wrist rub against each other, will make the skin of natural oils and spices are mixed, and finally lead to the smell of perfume.

Sixth: do not spray hair with perfume

Most perfumes contain alcohol, if frequent or widely used in hair, will lead to the scalp and hair dry, if you love perfume, hair may choose special fragrance spray.

Use the etiquette of perfume:

1, visit or visits, choose good Eau De toilette.

2, take part in a serious meeting, taboo with a strong perfume.

3, working hours, avoid strong perfume.

4, the use of perfume under the waist is basic courtesy, taboo strong perfume.

5, date selection of citrus fruits and liverworts vanilla perfume.

7, wet air in rainy days is suitable for the use of light perfume.

8, outdoor sports and shopping are easy to sweat, the choice of alcohol free perfume or sports perfume.

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