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Universal knowledge of glass bottles: Essential oil glass jar
Nov 28, 2017

Before we talk about the container bottles of essential oils, let's talk about the level of essential oils that are classified by purpose.

The first grade, food grade essential oils, which is also the most stringent level of regulation of essential oils, but also we usually refer to the first level of aromatherapy grade, especially in Europe, the EU law contains heavy metals, including arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury content limits Management, and pesticide residues is also the scope of control, because of the high cost of testing, non-food grade are generally not used

The second level, medicinal grade essential oils, many European countries have pharmacopoeia, Codex to manage such essential oils

The third level, the level of cosmetics essential oils

The fourth level, perfume industry, the use of essential oils

Fifth grade, industrial essential oils

Edible oil containers according to the material can be eaten with oil containers can be divided according to the material

Glass, the use of the third type of medicinal soda-lime glass (soda-lime glass) or colored light-blocking glass, usually purchased essential oil bottles reach this standard, depends on whether the manufacturer supplies medicinal glass containers .

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