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Vase cleaning and maintenance
Nov 28, 2017

Vase with a long time, there will be many stains on the bottle wall, dirty vase is not crystal clear, seriously affecting the ornamental. These stains rely on water is difficult to remove.

When cleaning the vase, first wet the bottle wall with water, and then take the right amount of salt on the finger, press the vase wall with salt to wipe. With the scrub gradually dissolved, rinse with clean water on it, then you will find that the vase wall and crystal clear as ever.

Sometimes there are many dirty things in the bottom of the vase. Due to the small and deep bottle, the hand is hard to reach and clean. Even with the help of tools, it is hard to remove these stubborn stains. At this time, we can use "84 disinfectant". First add a small amount of water in the bottle, then add the appropriate amount of "84 disinfectant", how much dosage can be determined depending on the stain. After placing for an hour, the cloth wrapped around a small wooden stick, explore the bottle, gently wipe the bottom, you will find that the original stubborn stains, it is easy to remove the first clean.


1, regular cleaning, cleaning the stains on the outer wall of the vase and the inner wall of the water track, sand. Avoid using hard objects such as wire eraser to avoid scratching the vase surface.

2, regular water change, to prevent long-term sewage soak contaminated vase wall, and vase water for too long will breed many tiny organisms, may corrode the vase.

3, the vase is fragile, to avoid the collision of hard objects, collapsed.

4, away from high temperature, to prevent the temperature is too high, printed vase cracked.

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