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What is the principle of glass polishing?
Dec 29, 2018

        Glass is not only transparent, but also high in strength and hardness. It is an indispensable material in daily production and life. There are many types of glass, in addition to the more common float glass and tempered glass, there are also special properties such as hot-melt glass, laminated glass and frosted glass. You want to know what principle is used for glass polishing and how to determine the performance of glass polishing powder. You can read this article.



       Glass polishing refers to the use of chemical or physical methods to remove the grain lines, scratches and some other flaws on the surface of the glass, improve the transparency and refractive index of the glass, and make the glass more vitrified.


Method 1: Fire Polishing

        Using the flame to soften the surface of the glass and the impact of the fire on the glass, it can solve some texture on the surface of the glass product, but the smoothness of the surface of the treated glass will be reduced. The general hollow container glass is rough after being cut by the glass. .

        Applicable material glass: soda lime glass, high silicon glass

       Negative effect: easy to fry


Method 2: Polishing powder polishing

        Using high-speed friction of the polishing powder on the glass surface to remove scratches, bristles, etc., can greatly improve the light transmittance and refraction effect of the glass. Before polishing, the polished part should be sanded, pure plane Applying more than 400 mesh diamond grinding discs. There are many tools and materials for this polishing method, but the better effect is the wool wheel oxidized bismuth (common name: rare earth polishing powder)

        Applicable material glass: most glass products

        Negative effect: relatively slow

Method 3: Acid Polishing

        The surface treatment of the glass is carried out by the corrosive action of acid on the glass. Before polishing, it is also necessary to use the abrasive belt on the surface of the glass, because the acid polishing can reduce the thickness of the glass a lot, but it is not necessarily able to completely remove the grain of the glass. Its formulation varies depending on the glass material. This method is extremely dangerous! Non-professionals and companies with complete equipment are not recommended for personal testing.

        Applicable material glass: any glass (but the effect after polishing is determined by the glass material itself)

        Negative effect: the smoothness is not well controlled, and the diamond angle of the glass product is degraded.

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