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What kind of perfume bottle has a collection value
Feb 01, 2018

    Each perfume bottle, like a different story, is designed to express the unique feelings of perfumer and perfume designer. Design and decoration of the magnificent perfume bottles destined to a woman with a full bottle of perfume has a special significance. Let us work together to explore the collection of perfume bottle value.





    In general, the sooner the perfume bottle is produced, the more it is collectible and appreciated, as is the case with all collectibles. Such as the Rally-style glass perfume bottle (1st century BC), which was quite extravagant at the time, just like the liquid in the bottle. Another example is the blown amethyst bottles (AD 50 to 150 years), as well as the first century AD mold blown glass cans and so on. From them, we can understand the real "lasting fragrance."




    Perfume bottles of different origin record different folk customs, enjoy perfume bottles from different areas, you can feel different cultural atmosphere. The oldest perfume in the world, as found in Cyprus, was simply and plainly packed into a humble pottery jar.




    Modern perfume bottle manufacturing industry is accompanied by glass crystal manufacturing industry and developed. Therefore, glass and crystal perfume bottle design is the main raw material. In addition there are porcelain, enamel, etc. are often used as raw materials for manufacturing perfume bottles. Collection can be based on their own preferences, focusing on collecting some kind of material perfume bottle.







    Perfume bottle modeling has been very rich today. In addition to square, round, heart-shaped, crescent-shaped, conical, inverted trapezoidal and so on can describe the shape, there are many strange shape can not be described in words.




    Perfume bottles of unusually rich color, the general glass crystal and other transparent perfume bottles are mostly light colors, such as light lemon yellow, light orange, light green, light blue and so on.




    Elegantly decorated perfume bottles play a decisive role in attracting a woman's visual attention. Carved surface, exquisite flower cap, and some also decorated with hand tied the bow, the perfume bottle of visual art and perfume smell art has the same taste value.

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