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Chanel Perfume And Flowers Are Threatened By The Railway.
Jul 06, 2018

   Chanel perfume and flowers are threatened by the railway.

According to foreign media 2, Chanel, a perfume maker, recently issued a public letter, strongly opposed to the high speed railway planned by the French state railway company, passing through the company's flower - filled Provence area and threatened to jeopardize the flowers used to make classic Chanel 5 perfume and threatened to withdraw Glass from the world's luxurious perfume       



 Chanel for every bottle of 30 ml of perfume No. 5, 1000 jasmines and a dozen roses in May are needed. They are planted in the vicinity of Glass's workshop.


Chanel points out that the "unique and superior" quality of the flowers in the Glass region is indispensable for the company to make perfume, emphasizing that elevated road construction and high speed trains pass through these fields will be a "disaster", forcing the company to stop supporting local production.


Chanel 5 was created by Chanel founder Coco Chanel in 1921. She commissioned a former Russian czar perfumer to break the traditional perfume, referring to her "perfume of no roses and lilies, hoping for a more delicate smell."


After the introduction of No. 5 perfume, it quickly became the most famous perfume in the last century. Celebrities, such as the Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe and other celebrities, were said to have sold one bottle every 30 seconds, becoming the pronoun of modern independent women.


France's state-run national railway company insists that the railway, located in the blue coast of France, connecting Marseilles to nice, is the most crowded train route outside the capital, Paris, and is urgently needed to invest. When the high-speed rail with a cost of 6 billion 700 million euros is built, it is expected to shorten the journey between the two places by one hour.