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Chanel's Beijing Guomao Store Grand Opening
Jun 29, 2018

Chanel boutiques, as well as the decoration of watches and high-end jewellery shops, are mastered by master architect Peter Marino. The New York architect was very good at interpreting and interpreting the aesthetic elements of Chanel, making this space of more than 570 square meters a perfect expression of Parisian elegance and modernity. 

Adhering to the tradition of the Chanel brand that has always been associated with artists, Ms. Chanel generously supported the spirit of art. The artwork created for this boutique shop is presented here and harmoniously integrated with the interior of the store.

Step into the boutique and a corridor leads to each salon space. The right side is an independent shoe area, bright and open, the classic back with two-color shoes and ballet shoes and other styles readily available, showing a simple and clear classification display, easy to select and try on.

Keep moving forward and come to the advanced clothing area. The low-key and luxurious atmosphere resembles an elegant living room, reminiscent of Chanel's apartment at 31 rue de Congrès in Paris. Whether it is an elegant tweed sofa and custom-made carpets, or the classic black, white and beige, all create a charming, peaceful yet modern space for guests to carefully appreciate the latest series of designs, the most branded Style tweed suits, black dresses and knitwear. Four independent and adjacent fitting rooms offer exclusive fitting services. Outside the fitting room there is a black abstract artwork by the Italian artist Paola Pivi. It features works of art created by Florian and Michael Quistrebert, Robert Greene and Louis Heilbronn, adding modern elegance.

Walking straight through the hallway, you'll see eye-catching accessories for the quarter and classic handbags, small leather goods, and costume jewelry. The entire space is very spacious. In addition to the conventional forms of display, it also used the mixed display wall for the first time, giving people a wealth of choices and inspiration.

On the left side of the corridor is a Chanel watch and a high-end jewellery shop. The purely simple lines contrast with the two golden crystal lamps carefully crafted by the Goossens gold and silver jewellery house under the Advanced Handicraft Workshop.

The masterpieces of Chanel watches and fine jewellery are adorn. Breaking through the traditional J12 watch, the uniquely styled CodeCoco watch, the simple and stylish Boy·Friend watch, and the classic and elegant Première wrist watch, it also features the brand's first high-quality watchmaking Calibre 1 The men's watch Monsieur de Chanel, highlighting the fine watchmaking paradigm of the J12 floating tourbillon and Première floating tourbillon watch, and the new Boy Friend hollow watch equipped with the third Calibre 3 movement. Stepping into the space of high-end jewelry, Chanel's fine jewellery treasures of different inspiration themes, modern Coco Crush, full-round Camélia, elegant Ruban, lifelike Plume, unique ingenuity and design . The L’Esprit du Lion jewellery collection, which combines the best ideas and superb craftsmanship of the high-end jewellery workshops, highlights the extraordinary charm of Chanel's fine jewelry.

In the newly opened boutique of Chanel International Trade, customers can enjoy unique and considerate service and have a pleasant and unforgettable shopping time; or they can walk to the adjacent perfume and beauty products stores to experience the latest products and beauty services. Explore Chanel’s exclusive elegance and modernity.please seeing crystal bottle picture as below :