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Crystal Collection Is Getting Hotter: Be Have Eyesight
Oct 26, 2018

From August 30th to September 3rd, the 2012 Jewelry Luxury Collection Culture Expo will be held in the provincial capital. Within five days, the Taiwan Jewelry Exhibition Group will be unveiled, and many exhibitors will present exquisite crystal crafts.

It is understood that the "baby" unveiled at the Expo includes, in addition to jade agate, root carving jade, aloes nuclear carving, purple sand ceramics, calligraphy and painting, and natural crystals of various shapes. According to reports, crystal was called "water jade" in ancient times. It has been praised as a relatively pure thing in the world. In addition, people also give many beautiful mythological accidents to the precious crystals. Therefore, crystal crafts have always been loved by people, and their appreciation and collection potential cannot be ignored. In recent years, with the increasing heat of collection investment, natural crystals have gradually entered people's sights as a new type of collection.


As crystal products gradually enter the field of ordinary citizens, the crystals on the market are gradually mixed, and even some glass products are sold in the name of "crystal", making consumers difficult to distinguish. Recently, at the high-end tasting of Shengshi Yuying Jewelry and Jadeware hosted by Shanxi Jinyin Jewelry Quality Association, the association specially invited the Chinese jade carving master, Ying Yingwen, who is known as “China’s crystal carving is a former man”. , investment, collection and other topics to communicate with consumers, and answer questions for consumers. At the Jewelry Jade Tasting, Ying Yingwen gave a lot of knowledge about the crystal and interesting stories, and showed his own heart-turning work – “Crystal Guan Gong”, its original matte craftsmanship, lines of flowing water, The solemnity and elegance of the works are just right, allowing consumers to appreciate the wonders of crystal engraving and enhance the appreciation of crystals by consumers on the spot.

Faced with various collections, the staff of the Provincial Gold, Silver, Jewelry and Jade Quality Association reminded consumers that the crystal should first pay attention to the purity of the crystal. Secondly, the various colors of the crystal represent different meanings and their prices are different. When consumers buy, they must see the gem identification certificate of the merchant and ask for an invoice to prevent it from being fooled.