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Different Similarities, See Dior And Di La Rui Perfume Bottle Design
Nov 28, 2017

Perfume bottle design in the overall design of perfume products occupy a very important position.

It embodies the positioning of a perfume or a perfume brand, taste, temperament, and consumer understanding. Almost all perfume consumers are very valued perfume bottle design, look at its shape, texture, touch, design elements. Both belong to the well-known perfume brand Dior Dior and Di Laryu D'LARON, perfume bottle seems to think of a piece of design, but very different, let's take a look.

Dior Dior really my perfume

Dior perfume bottles are generally round neck bottle. The neck has a golden "Maasai neck ring"; the top is a small circle; the bottom is an ellipse. By the small circle - neck - oval order.

Dior really my perfume bottle to glass as the material, the main color of gold. Consistency without losing the softness, sexy enough to see exquisite. Every detail of the bottle looks at the woman's inner desire.

Di La Rui D'LARON perfume

Di La Rui is a high-quality imported perfume, urban white-collar perfume, positioning a very clear fashion perfume brand, in recent years become a popular choice for urban white-collar workers, good quality, affordable, cost-effective, perfume bottle (female) design is also very special.

The edge of the bottle with bilateral 15 º slope rotation, like a twist of the waist, showing moving curves, beautiful smile looking back, the performance of women's charm most vividly. Glass bottle body surface smooth, transparent, smooth, soft touch, these features are designed to highlight the feminine qualities, delicate, neat and delicate; also in line with women's love, people put it down, perfume bottle itself is like a small artwork .