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Dior Real Me Golden Perfume
Jun 15, 2018


Dior real me golden perfume

  In 2010, Mr. Fran C OIS Demachy, the chief flavor of Dior Dior, made the brilliant and luxurious style, the extraordinary fragrance of the fragrant flowers, the pure fragrance of the Dior Dior, and the J 'adore made by YISHION. Among them, the big jasmine from perfume capital Glass is fragrant and fragrant. The May rose from this beautiful soil is also tinged with romance. The exotic Yilan is dancing with its unflawed charm, and at this time the ROEN is leaping and lingering in the fragrance of the fragrance, giving the whole fragrance the temptations. Finally, Tahiti vanilla is pure, fragrant and soft, and is interwoven in the keynote.


Dior Dior true my golden perfume is legendary gold in the world of fragrance.


This classic perfume gilt sparkling, let people fall in love at first sight, unable to stop.


Today, Dior Dior, my real gold perfume bottle, is once again stunning the world with its unique charm.


The signature necklaces are a new gilt necklace that makes the bottle more dynamic.


Dior Dior is my real golden perfume. The gilding rhythm makes people dream about it.


"Dior Dior really is the golden fragrance of the world. All kinds of flower fragrance blend perfectly, like a hazy impressionist painting; the integration of the emotional oriental flavor makes this fragrance more attractive."

--Dior迪奥首席调香师François Demachy,

--Dior Dior chief flavor Fran C OIS Demachy,


Bright as gold


Dior Dior, the true neck of my golden perfume, has been given a brand new life.



  Dior Dior is the perfect container for this fragrance.


Binaural necked bottles are like moving jewellery, glittering gold, brilliant and luxurious.


Today, Dior Dior has chosen to create a new bottle body miracle again.


Through the texture of the fragrance bottle to shine the light of modernism, Dior Dior creates the ultimate perfection.


The inspiration for the new bottleneck comes from the 2013 Baccarat crystal Collector's edition. The same extravagant sexy, but more unique: the golden Marseille neck ring shows extraordinary craftsmanship, every ring as thin as hair, ripples with delicate, emotional and dynamic ripples.


Dior Dior, my real golden perfume, binaural neck flask sparkles with magical gold.


The dynamic neck of the Marseilles ring gracefully around the neck, dancing like a lady.


So exquisite and elegant, of which the craft is natural.


Revolutionary craft and the collision of Dior Dior's luxurious temperament


In order to give Dior Dior the real my golden perfume of the golden perfume of the double ears flask more vitality, Dior Dior take the unprecedented "French made" process, so that metal can get rid of the industrial shackles, as you want to present every shape of the artist's heart.


This scientific innovation breaks the shackles of the existing technology and allows every dream and creative desire to flourish.


Dior Dior has been researching for more than 5 years, and has just created the amazing carving technology that can realize Dior Dior's true ears.

从瓶身设计到工业制作,这款美轮美奂的双耳细颈瓶在鲜为人知的Dior 迪奥包装设计工坊所诞生,由Dior迪奥一手打造。

From bottle design to industrial production, this stunning double ear flask is born in a well known Dior Dior packaging design workshop, built by Dior Dior.


She is just as amazing as the world's only 5 bottles of Dior Dior, the real world version of Dior, but not far away.


The necklace that surrounds the bottle is a magnificent feat of science and technology, comparable with traditional handmade works



      Luxurious pure fragrance converges on Dior Dior, my real golden perfume.

格拉斯的茉莉是独一无二的。 她不仅止是一种花卉,更是香水之都格拉斯精湛技艺的一种体现。

Glass's jasmine is unique. She is not only a flower, but also a manifestation of Glass's exquisite skills.


Today, Dior Dior, my real golden perfume, is one of the few perfumes in the perfume industry, and one of the perfumes of Glass jasmine. Highlight the persistent pursuit of Dior Dior's exquisite flower and luxury experience.

真我系列采用的茉莉来自Dior迪奥的专属花田庄园--马侬花田农庄。这些芬芳的精灵在François Demachy的手中将自己发挥的淋漓尽致,马侬花田农庄的第三代经营者CaroleBiancalana女士毫不掩饰她对这些亲手培植的尤物的赞美。

Genuine Jasmine comes from Dior Dior's exclusive flower farm Manon Huatian farm. The fragrance of the elves, in the hands of Fran C OIS Demachy, gives full play to herself, and MS. CaroleBiancalana, the third generation manager of the farmhouse farmhouse, does not conceal her praise of these handheld creatures.


The jasmine of the Manon flower farm is strong and delicate, interspersed with the aroma of almond, mango and banana. Her honey like fruit aroma can be easily absorbed. We pride ourselves on Jasmine in the farm. She is like a catcher of smell, which can easily catch people's hearts.


I still remember the first time I felt the smell of Dior Dior.


In winter, I was in a cold Paris, but when I sniffed Dior Dior really my golden perfume, I felt like a flash back in the August Glass, wandering in the sea of my beloved jasmine.

     Cultivation of Glass's Jasmine: the fragrance of traditional cultivation methods.


Glass, jasmine, is a well deserved star in flower products, but its output is becoming increasingly rare (output in 1939 was 1600 tons, and in 2010 it was only 4.3 tons). This scarcity also resulted in the price of Glass's Jasmine pure fragrance today.


Unbelievable numbers.


Why is Glass Jasmine so rare? The answer is very simple: Glass's request for growth conditions and nurturing skills is almost harsh.  

     The planting and picking of jasmine is strictly followed by time. After the October harvest, the farmers will cover the jasmine bed with the soil so as not to be threatened by frost. After the winter's rest, jasmine is to be dug out in March the next year. And then in the pine soil, pruning, irrigation. From the end of June to the middle of July, the growers will bundle the newly raised young stems carefully. In late July, the harvest season finally came, because Glass Jasmine was tender and delicate, and the flower growers had to finish picking before noon. Every morning 6 to 10 o'clock, the flowers farmers have to pick their work under the scorching sun. The whole harvest season will last 100 days.

不要忘记,一个花农需要3个小时方能采摘一公斤的茉莉鲜花! 但是辛苦的付出是值得的,因为马侬花田的茉莉花是独一无二的。

Don't forget that a flower grower takes 3 hours to pick up a kilogram of jasmine flowers. But hard work is worth it, because Jasmine in Ma on flower field is unique.

       perfect flower of the rose in May


Carol of the South France


Glass rose is unique. She is almost a miracle of fragrance.


The beautiful spirit blossomed in May, with a touch of enchanting fragrance.


In the golden perfume of Dior Dior, Glass jasmine and the rose of May are mixed, intoxicated, the collision of flowers and fruit, and the fragrance of the roses and the jasmine.


The two kinds of Psalms merge into a magnificent Southern Song.


They went through the midsummer and survived the bitter cold, releasing the natural fragrance that permeated the local customs

    A rose from the mun flower field

来自马侬花田的Carole Biancalana从全年收获的花材中臻选高品质原料供应Dior迪奥香氛,以保证其高贵品质。

Carole Biancalana from Ma on Hua Tian selects high quality raw materials from the annual harvested flowers to supply Dior Dior fragrance to ensure its noble quality.

她花田中娇艳欲滴,如蜜糖般芬芳的五月玫瑰,充满了健康的活力及高品质的香氛。这全受惠于她代代相传的种植技巧,每隔1215, Carole Biancalana女士

Her May roses, which are fragrant and sweet like honey, are full of healthy vigor and high quality fragrance. It all benefits from her planting skills handed down from generation to generation, every 12 to 15 years, Ms. Carole Biancalana.


It will remove "overworked" flowers and allow the soil for two years to recuperate.


Then, she will grow wild roses in the soil for a year and then graft them into roses. This operation has greatly enhanced the disease resistance and the ability to fight against the harsh natural environment of the May rose.


The May rose period was only three weeks short. Every 5-6 months of the harvest season, there will be a number of flower farmers and time competition every day, fresh picked roses must be sent to professional extraction people in the hands of the day, can ensure the pure fragrance of the flowers.


True goddess Charlize Theron (CharlizeTheron)


Charlize Theron (CharlizeTheron) once again became the symbol of Dior Dior true life.


Dior Dior true my golden perfume represents the highest standard of craftsmanship and fragrance.


Her fragrance is unique, inherited the fragrance of the fragrance of Glass's most fragrant customs, offering an incomparable beauty.


Her bottle body is crafted with unique charm, which is the result of the encounter of luxury taste and modern craft.


Dior Dior truly my golden perfume unreservedly shows her charm.