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DIY Kraft Paper And Glass Bottles Super-unique Garden Vase
Nov 28, 2017

Use kraft paper and glass bottles DIY super-unique garden vase production steps, raw materials: glass bottles (preferably foul glass bottles of canned fruits), kraft paper, envelopes or other scrap kraft paper packaging can be cut into kraft paper 1cm wide strip such as Figure You can cut along the length of the envelope to make the paper as long as possible. Turn the paper strip in one direction and twist it into a paper rope. Use DIY super-beautiful garden vase with kraft paper and glass bottle to stick double-sided adhesive on the bottle surface.

Will be double-sided adhesive ripped open, the paper rope from the bottom of the circle around the bottle wrapped around the first, wrapped around the process, hand pressing, making it sticky until wrapped around the bottle, the original thread cover, It is finished, DIY super-beautiful garden vase with kraft paper and glass bottles.

Very simple but beautiful! No longer have to worry about the flowers at home there is no nice vase!