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Don't Put A Perfume Bottle In The Airbag
Oct 25, 2018

Do you know that airbags also have a shelf life? Airbag maintenance is not as intuitive as the appearance of the body, it is easy to be ignored, neglecting the maintenance of the airbag, the airbag may become a "stealth killer."

"Airbags must be used with seat belts to ensure the safety of the owner." Luo Shengmin told reporters that the owner should not place perfume bottles and stickers in the front passenger airbags. Once the airbags are opened, these items will be ejected by the airbags. Passengers. If the vehicle is equipped with side airbags and the side airbags are mounted on the seat, do not install the seat cover on the seat.


Luo Shengmin said that the airbag will not malfunction during the normal use period of the vehicle. The airbag and its accessories can be inspected at the 4S shop after every 10,000 to 20,000 kilometers, but the quality of the airbag is difficult after ten years of use. Guaranteed, thorough testing must be carried out, and should be replaced in time if conditions permit. Luo Shengmin pointed out that the airbag indicator still flashes or lights up after 6 seconds to 8 seconds of starting, indicating that the airbag is malfunctioning; the airbag indicator flashes for 5 seconds after the vehicle is running, indicating that it is safe. The airbag has failed, which must be checked and processed in time at the 4S shop.

ABS fault light is on, don't panic

In addition, as another safety configuration of the vehicle, ABS also requires the owner to pay attention. Luo Shengmin reminded: ABS brake anti-lock system is a more active active safety equipment on the car now. Don't panic when the ABS fault warning light suddenly lights up. The brake system of the car can still work, and the car is smoothly opened to the service station. Yes; if the ABS and the handbrake light are on at the same time, it indicates that the brake system of the vehicle may be seriously faulty. At this time, it is forbidden to continue driving. The vehicle should be decelerated to the roadside immediately, and the rescue station should be contacted in time for rescue.