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European Food, Wine And Perfume Bottles Originate From The Etruscan Civilization.
Oct 25, 2018

Many people may be a bit stunned, but if tell you a true, then you may have a strong interest in this civilization, and even want to understand it - Roman civilization, Italian Renaissance and grumpy Michelle Kiro, they all carry the same gene, called Etruscan. In the Western world, especially in European civilization, Etruscan civilization has a very important position. Many people believe that European civilization is mainly from Greece and Etruscan, and more directly from Etruscan.

The day before yesterday, an art exhibition called "The Twilight Era - Italian Etruscan Civilization" was opened on the ground floor of the Wulin Hall, Zhejiang Museum, West Lake Cultural Square, Hangzhou. Although separated by thousands of years, the exhibits are full of exotic pottery, bronze, gold, sculpture and other cultural relics, and will quietly tell you that they are closely related to today's Europe.

Etruscan is alive and well, enjoying life, advocating food, wine and culture. They love freedom and wisdom, enthusiasm and romance, and even the grave is filled with a pleasant atmosphere.

These features, in the exhibition "The origin of the Etruscan civilization", "the culture of the lord", "the religion of Etruscan", "the world of the deceased" four units, a total of 314 Etruscans stay A large number of relics can be found.

Exquisite bronzes and accessories, once lost gold craftsmanship, telling Etruscan's unique mineral resources, "skilled and passionate craftsmen" have emerged everywhere, a brilliant era;

The uniquely scented perfume bottles and the beautiful painted pottery are derived from the extravagant pleasures of life, showing the romantic pastoral life of the Etruscans;

Lifelike sculptures, burial tools of various materials and shapes, and the inner world of the Etruscans are not known.

According to Maduro, the curator of the Casares Museum in Italy, today's Italians still hold these qualities.

“Italian people especially like banquets, like big pots of wine and meat, pay special attention to banquet food, everyone knows that Italian cuisine is also a culture. And our Italian excellent design, you can find Etruscans especially like Perfume bottles, goldware, etc."

Then, he pointed to the "Ariadne engraved" pottery plate in the exhibition hall, and the intoxicated look of the wine god was the same as that of modern people.

"If there is no Etruscan civilization, there will be no brilliant Roman civilization, there will be no Renaissance, and there will be no Michelangelo."

The curator said that this is not an exaggeration. Geographically, the birthplace of Michelangelo, Florence, Italy, is at the heart of the original Etruscan civilization. Today, the Michelangelo marble sculpture "Holy", which is displayed in St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, and the Etruscan marble sculpture that Zhebo is exhibiting, can also be seen in the same style.