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Guerlain Flowers And Water Language Jasmine Fragrance Light Perfume
Jun 20, 2018

Guerlain flowers and water language jasmine fragrance light perfume

A seasonal ceremony, a new joy, an idyllic joy, the French Guerlain has launched a new smell of smell since it launched the flower and water language perfume series in 1999.


The creation concept of flower and water language series perfume is a pioneer. It innovatively adopts a way of focusing on fresh and mild fragrance, creating a relaxed and elegant atmosphere, but it is also integrated with the genius of the famous gener. This unprecedented style itself will be the theme of the story, and it is also full of the praise of the generous nature and the natural elements of beauty, all of which together weave an unparalleled sense of smell. With a streamlined but mature formula, French Guerlain created a unique world of poetry, creating a new miracle in the field of smell and becoming the legendary symbol of the perfume world.

The great exploration of the French Guerlain shows its superb skill as a fragrance master - a perfect combination of intuition and emotion. This attempt to refresh the modern flavor avoids the old style and successfully embodies its extraordinary charisma. The fragrance of flowers, water, language and perfume is long-lasting and distinctive. Its inspiration comes from nature and gardens. Every spring, the perfume series, which is always based on natural plants, sprouts new inspiration. Sometimes a new product is replaced less than a quarter by the next product.

From the day of the birth of the universe, especially in the East, Jasmine has always been a symbol of love, courage, magic, seduction and purity of women. According to some legends, the ancient queen and goddess often emanated jasmine's fragrance to capture their lovers or rivals. As the magic legend of nature, jasmine flower blooms light petals, out of a half man and half of the flower god, accompanied with elegant fragrance, blessing and lucky mantra. Exciting, enchanting, and spiritless, the sacred flower and God left behind a bouquet of fragrant flowers, and the French Guerlain was following her footprints to create a new perfume.



The fresh fragrance of the jasmine Jasmine in the jasmine fragrance is mainly used in the elegant, green and green tones of the white flowers, such as small Cang LAN and cherry, and the Lilan. Similarly, the addition of a few bergamot and white rosin enhanced their reverie: the freshness, refreshing and pleasurable smell gradually dissipated. To deal with the odour of odour, let the aroma go up to the skies. Finally, the product is added with amber and white musk incense, continuously and continuously penetrate into the inner layer of skin.


Bottle design

This perfume is still filling in the famous perfume bottle created by the sculptor Robert Granai inspired by the emperor's water. The water bottle of the emperor was designed for Empress empress in 1853. It embeds 69 small bees that are now the legendary Guerlain of France, which symbolizes the unremitting craving of French Guerlain and the attention to perfume. The golden netted honeycomb adorns the top of the perfume bottle, and uses the bee logo to decorate its golden bottle stopper.

Flower and water language series of excellent perfumes

The 2011 jasmine fragrance (Jasminora) is fresh and refreshing. It continues the legend of the French Guerlain. It is equally intoxicated, and its protagonist is still as expressive as ever.

Flowers and water grapefruit (Pamplelune) Eau De Toilette mixed with fresh fruit and sparkling passion, let us savour fresh fruit taste.

Herba Fresca Eau De Toilette for our garden and country symphonies.

Rolle's (Mandarine Basilic) Eau De Toilette has gathered the passion of citrus and Rolle, playing the unique role of the two.

Flora Nymphea scent, inspired by "Seringa", captures the finest expression of the olfactory form, with some honey and orange flowers added to a marvelous breath.