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Honey Suitable For Storage In What Kind Of Container? Glass Bottle Is Good
Nov 28, 2017

Honey is a weak acid food, honey containers are best to use glass bottles or ceramic utensils, do not use iron, lead and other metal ware storage, so as to avoid free heavy metal pollution of honey. With non-toxic plastic bottles of honey, the time should not be too long. Contained in the container of honey, the best stamped seal to avoid contact with moist air, so as not to ferment. Should be placed in a clean, cool and ventilated place, the best preserved in the refrigerator, pay attention to avoid contamination.

Large quantities of honey should be used cylinders, barrels, plastic barrels and other packaging, special packaging containers to be thoroughly washed dry. Honey in the higher yield areas, you can build honey storage pool, barrel or tank can also be used storage, the barrel should be used, the cylinder should not be odor. Packaging honey can not be full, especially in transport to leave 25% -30% of the space to prevent honey spill fermentation or jarring when the container heat shock. The installed honey, should be placed in dry, clean, airy and tasteless indoor, room temperature maintained at 5-10 ℃. Do not put the honey barrel in the open air for a long time, to be transported in time to ensure the quality of honey.

Less storage

1. Honey bought home,

Glass bottles, ceramics, non-toxic plastic containers and other non-metallic storage, can not use iron containers! Honey should be placed in a cool, dry, clean, ventilated, temperature maintained at 5 ~ 10 ℃, air humidity does not exceed 75% of the environment.

2. Honey should be sealed, take honey tools should be washed and dried to prevent moisture into the honey dissolved in the water easily fermented.

3. Good honey at 15 ~ 18 ℃ below the general crystallization, into a white or light yellow crystals.

4. Honey can not be consumed with onions.

5. Honey should be 40 degrees below the warm water blunt, too high water temperature will destroy honey's nutritional content. Overheating inactivates enzymes in honey and vitamins.

6. Usually, light-colored honey is better than dark-colored honey, but dark-colored honey contains more functional minerals than light-colored honey.

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