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How To Choose A Perfect Perfume For Yourself Which It Can Last For Long Hours
Jun 14, 2018


Pure essence of Parfum


Pure perfume is the highest concentration in perfume. Many classic perfume will only produce pure essence at the very beginning, and then will slowly release the Eau de toilette version. Pure flavor has very few volatile components, so it also makes pure flavor longer. Many people think that pure essence is the strongest, but in fact, on the contrary, pure essence is very gentle.


Suitable for use: point coating instead of spraying. In the superficial part of the blood vessels, such as the inside of the wrist and the clavicle.


24 hours of volatilization:


The forward tune will evaporate in a few minutes and it will evaporate 20%


The medium volatilized 30% in 2-4 hours


The basic tone can stay for one day, and it will evaporate by 50%


EDP (Eau de Parfum) light fragrance


The essence of the essence is about 7% - 14%, but because of the increase in the concentration of the front, it is a little worse than the lasting force of the pure essence, and about 70% of the aroma will disappear at night.


Suitable way of use: mix with pure essence, spray the same essence after spraying pure essence.


24 hours of volatilization:


It volatilized 40% after a few minutes.


The medium volatilized 30% after 2-4 hours


The keynote can basically stay for one day. The rest of the 30% 

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EDT (Eau de Toilette) light perfume


Eau De Toilette is a form of perfume that many Asian people like, because it is very refreshing. You know, all products related to toilette are used to make us very refreshing. So this form also leads to the fragrance of EDT is not lasting, the fragrance concentration in the light perfume is only 3%-8%, 80% of which will be completely volatilized in 4 hours, disappear in the air, so do not like their own perfume and refreshing people every day, more suitable for use light fragrance water.


Suitable way of application: spraying is the most appropriate method, even if too much spray, it will soon be tasteless.


24 hours of volatilization:


The forward tune will evaporate in a few minutes and it will evaporate 50%


The medium will evaporate by 30% in 2-4 hours


The keynote is only 20% left in a day


Eaude Cologne Cologne


In recent years, small salon incense has become popular, and Cologne has become more and more appreciated. The most classic cologne water harmonization is basically no spice. This structure also makes the gulong water volatile most quickly, and the essence of the essence is generally only 2%-4%. So for many salons now, there will be no problem with the superposition of several fragrances, and the time will be longer.


Suitable use: perfume superposition, or spraying.


There are almost no mediating mediating in the front.


The keynote will leave about 20% in a day.