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Kate Princess Wedding Perfume Exposure Lightly Gardenia Fragrance
Jun 20, 2018

Kate and Prince William have all the details of the wedding, the princess from the wedding dress to the ring, and the details of hair and makeup, until the end of the wedding is gradually known.


Now we know that she gave up the professional makeup artist at the last moment, but she built the wedding makeup herself. But we know what she uses on her face (Lancome mascara), what's on her fingernails (dream Paris and Essie's nail polish), and how her hairstyle is made (Richard Ward hair salon). But... What else can't be seen by your eyes? What perfume did Kate Middleton choose at the wedding? Today we finally know that Kate chose Illuminum's white White Gardenia Petals.


This perfume looks very Kate style, simple, abstract but modern. The fragrance blended with coconut, Yilan flower, lily, jasmine and amber. The price is about RMB 700.

There is no doubt that the choice of the princess is likely to become an eternal classic in the future. Kate has the potential to be the same as her mother-in-law, Princess Diana, to be the object of the world to imitate.