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Plastic Bottles Can Replace Glass Bottles Accepted By The Wine Industry?
Nov 28, 2017

Nowadays, many wines have begun to use PET plastic bottles for high-end wine packaging. Such as Spain's BodegaMatarromera wine estate trying to use plastic bottles for high-quality wine packaging, South Africa's Welmoed wine estate is gradually using plastic bottles to replace the traditional 750 ml glass bottles. British supermarket giant Marks & Spencer Marks & Spencer also from 2010 sales of 0.25 liters of plastic bottles of wine. Even airlines, but also more willing to use plastic bottles of wine to serve passengers!

However, some people in the industry are not optimistic about using plastic bottles for alcohol packaging. They think that "there is high UV radiation and oxygen migration in plastic bottles, which will affect the quality of alcoholic beverages and reduce the shelf life of alcoholic beverages."

According to a survey done by Geisenheim, research institutes, modern processing technology can improve the internal gas-tightness of plastic bottles and reduce the impact on alcohol consumption due to the use of plastic bottle packaging.

In addition, the hermetically sealed plastic closures seal the open bottles again to extend shelf life.