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Plexiglass And Ordinary Inorganic Glass Difference
Nov 28, 2017

Organic like plastic, ductile inorganic hard, poor ductility

Inorganic glass is quartz (SiO2) glass. His toughness and strength is better than plexiglass, but good corrosion resistance of inorganic glass, high temperature performance than plexiglass. Inorganic glass cheaper prices

PMMA is the polymer material PMMA injection or extrusion, or directly from the monomer MMA pouring, inorganic glass is quartz glass, that is, we usually see the glass

Plexiglass and inorganic glass steel performance comparison

First, the plexiglass (resin) advantages: 1, good toughness; 2, high strength; 3, good water resistance; 4, light weight. (The same size of inorganic glass weight is about 1.2 times the plexiglass)

Plexiglass shortcomings: 1, not high temperature. (Under normal circumstances, the Fahrenheit temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, has begun to deform) 2, intolerance aging. (Easily deformed by ultraviolet light fade) 3, easy to burn. 4, can emit harmful gases, human health and environmental protection have a certain impact. 5, high cost, but also the larger the price of raw materials. 6, discarded inconvenient to deal with.

Second, inorganic glass steel (magnesium oxide for short) advantages: 1, high temperature. (Under normal circumstances, the Fahrenheit temperature of 400 degrees Celsius can maintain the product is not deformed) 2, anti-aging, 20 years, the product is not deformed. 3, purify the air, can absorb the air of carbon dioxide. 4, high strength. 5, waterproof performance is good. 6, light weight, only this plexiglass. 7, low cost, small fluctuations in raw material prices. 8, insulation, sound-absorbing. 9, do not burn. 10, After disposal, it is easy to handle and can be used for landfill after it is smashed. It has no pollution to water source, soil and air and is an ideal environment-friendly material.

Inorganic FRP shortcomings: 1, toughness worse than the plexiglass. 2, waterproof performance second only to plexiglass

5. Organic matter is of great significance to human life, life and production. All living things on Earth contain large amounts of organic matter.