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Sisley France Sisley Izia Isa Perfume: Unique Love Belongs To Your Most Unique Person
Jun 20, 2018

The fairy tale, the little prince, is a story about love and being loved.

Compared to the fox waiting for love, perhaps everyone wants to be the rose that is carefully nurturing by the little prince, enjoying the only love.


Such roses not only exist in fairy tales, but they also belong to the story of Isabel, one of the Sisley Sisley founders of the plant beauty brand, the countess and the fragrant rose, who grew up in a private manor garden beside Mrs. Isabel's French Loire, which opened an unforgettable journey. "."


In order to decorate the garden, Isabel dOrnano planted a variety of flowers and trees in the garden, and set up all kinds of sculptures, of course, the proud and beautiful roses, quiet and quiet. Fresh, unruly and unique, like the little prince of the rose, they bring the limitless fragrance for the early morning, and the air is filled with its unique citrus fragrance for a long time. Flowers contend, still can not hide the fragrance of roses, so that Mrs. Isabel stay in love, only the love of love, such as the little prince care of his roses generally care for them, these roses under the shelter of tall trees have never encountered rain and rain invasion, therefore retained the sweet fragrance of picking.


The story of Izia isa perfume begins with this rosy adventure.

The little prince takes care of the rose, making her own only love; Madame dannuno preserves the roses properly and makes it a source of inspiration for the unique flavor of Izia Isa. In late May, the fragrant roses were only in full bloom for two weeks, the roses lingered, and the countess decided to make use of the most precious France. A premium fragrance formulation to make a rose fragrance. In order to preserve its charm for a long time, it extracts the rich aroma of roses in the end of the May: the unique bouquet of flowers, transformed into Izia isa perfume, to show the charm of the rose in his own way.

"It is because of the energy and love you pour into the roses that they are so important to you." -- the little prince, the twenty-second chapter, Antoine de San Eksuperi.

One Love "The Miracle Is You"


The little prince gave the rose water to kill insects, shelter her from the wind, listen to her, and regard her as the only one in her life. It is the time and love that he spent on the rose that makes the rose so important. Even when the little prince came to the earth and saw five thousand identical flowers in the world, the rose on the planet was the most special existence of the little prince.

As the birth of Izia ISA, every tiny link is devoted to Isabel dOrnano's heart. Every petal is carefully plucking and caring, from the careful preparation of nature, such as the morning dew, tender and gentle, and the release of modern and charming fragrance. The unique flavor of Izia perfume is made up of five elegant women of the dOrnano family like creative works of art, Isabelled 'Ornano inspiration, Amandine Clerc-Marie flavor extraction, Christine d' Ornano and Quentin Jones image design, and Sonia as the goddess of Mousika, it is not a masterpiece It is only a bottle of perfume that brings together the lucky, talented and common enthusiasm of five women to create Izia isa: a perfume of love and a contemporary spirit.


Izia isa perfume, full of Five Excellent Women's heart and love, has its unique flavor, like a gift of surprise, charming, unforgettable and eternal, giving every girl the magic of love and making it the support of your love. Izia isa perfume, it is elegant and extraordinary, such as rose in private garden, it attracts people's attention. It is unique, like the love of the heart.


Izia isa perfume, when you have an unexpected encounter with it, you can't help trying to give it to your unique TA, family, boudoir, and love. You can say to TA gently: I want to hide my best love in this taste, and you are as precious as a Izia isa perfume