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The Collection Of Perfumes Can Be Appreciated. The Secret Of The Fragrance Bottle Is Unknown
Jul 13, 2018

Clear crystals, seven transparent and transparent colors

For perfumes, crystal materials have two major advantages, the first is noble, the second is clear. It is noble and does not rob the perfume of the limelight - the perfume, this slightly colored transparent liquid is unreservedly put into your body, and unreservedly exposed to the world's sight. The whole body is crystal-clear, smooth and sleek, and the heart is filled with the warmth of color, which is also the expectation of women's image.

The crystals used in perfume bottles also have two representatives, one is high-quality glass crystal represented by Baccarat, and the other is delicate crystal represented by Swarovski. Perfume bottles made with Baccarat crystals are usually limited edition perfumes or limited editions of certain perfumes. Before the 18th century, crystals such as crystals were exclusive to the royal family. Baccarat is the name of a French town. Louis XV allowed the establishment of the first non-Royal crystal production, and until the 21st century, Baccarat crystal is still the best and most expensive crystal in the world. Brand founder Rene Lalique also has "glass poets" and "perfume The father of the bottle".

The mystery of Swarovski is that its exclusive craftsmanship has been passed down from generation to generation. For more than 100 years, it has never revealed the craft to others. Its recent representative is nothing more than the scent of the Clarins Group, and its bottle material will be adjusted. The scentist and the designer's inspiration are seamlessly connected, even if only 0.8 mm, there are no less than 17 cutting faces, each of which can illuminate the olfactory energy as light energy.

Secret of the Queen of GUERLAIN

Crystal clear crystals and a precious platinum substrate make this jewellery shine, with three unique processes: watchmaking, jewellery and fragrance. The middle part of the bee contains mysterious scented stone, which is what Leonardo Da Vinci calls “the perfection of detail”.

VERSACE phantom diamond lady perfume

This perfume bottle is a unique piece that exudes a luxurious and clear geometric atmosphere, simple lines, precise cutting surface treatment, and the elegant multi-faceted crystal bottle cap is sealed with the ultimate pure floral scent. Like a real diamond, it blooms with breathtaking brilliance.

BOTTEGA VENETA Ms. fragrance

The design of the bottle is inspired by the Venetian glass manufacturing industry and the traditional Italian glass bottles. Every detail is simple and contrasting. Matte metal caps and bottle necks, dark brown logos and skin-tone leather straps with metal butterfly clips feature the signature BOTTEGA VENETA colour.

The combination of diamonds and perfume bottles is roughly divided into two types. One is inspired by the diamond shape to make the whole bottle into a huge diamond, which makes women want to stop! The other is to put expensive real diamonds on the perfume bottle - which is of course a treatment that is only available on Haute Couture or Limited Edition. A woman’s name is a “reward for herself”, and it is inevitable that people who are unrecognizable will ridicule him as “buying a beggar”. However, in today's highly developed material civilization, the concept of "perfume" already contains the inseparable part of the bottle. It is impossible to talk about who is the bead, that is, the perfume is used, leaving the bottle to be collected and played. It is also a pleasure. If the pleasure it brings can go beyond the perfume itself, why not buy it?

With the most topical Guerlain “Queen of the Queen”, its bottle is made up of 215 diamonds with a total weight of 10.47 carats. It takes more than 500 hours of fine craftsmanship, but the real luxury is not complete. The diamond is expensive, it can bloom in a small dress, and it can radiate an elegant fragrance. Even if you just press the diamond sprayer in the middle, it will open its wings, this exclamation, pleasure, joy, for For some people, it is worth 3598,000 yuan.

Marina De Bourbon

The clear crystal glass on the bottle is like a perfectly cut pink diamond against the soft pink fragrance. The crown shape of the bottle cap shows the elegance of the noble royal family, which naturally reveals the elegance and restraint of the famous lady. DYNASTIE perfume is like a princess himself. It continues the noble atmosphere of the noble royal family. It is elegant and charming, highlighting the noble and elegant temperament of modern women.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million EDP

Designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, it radiates a different kind of charm through multi-angle refraction. Like diamonds, you can choose to use different refraction surfaces as support without specific aspects. This simple piece of art also has a bottle cap made of gold foil, and the cut surface on the bottle is designed with a series of facets to reveal an intoxicating scent.

Low-key wood, savvy sweetness pursued by intellectual women

Unlike crystal and diamond, the joy of wood comes from its infinite proximity to nature. We are familiar with the Disco Shuiyuan Muyuan Ms. perfume, which is decorated with wood on the glass bottle. It not only conveys the woody fragrance of the perfume, but also uses the principle that each inch of wood texture is different, so that each bottle of perfume becomes unique. What's more, Armani's aristocratic leather tone, its bottle is inspired by the paperweights commonly used in the calligraphy and painting industry, so the texture is also very rare African Kotibe wood, also known as poppy The trees of Nisuo Tung, both visual and tactile, give you a squat and infinite meditation space at your fingertips.


TOUS TOUCH combines four elements: gold, leather, crystal and spices. Inspired by TOUS Jewelry DUNA COLLECTION, this natural combination begins with a simple hand-made leather cord and a cute pair of gold pendants. The bottle of personality makes people think of the charm of handmade crystals. The unique texture of the stamped gold coins exudes a strong ancient flavor and witnesses the passage of time.

Salvatore Ferragamo "Phoebe Vulgar" crystal limited edition female fragrance

The unique and unique brand of bottle design combined with the cut transparent, shiny Swarovski crystal inlay, the famous perfume designer Sylvie de France personally manipulated the "Phoebe ordinary" female incense with an irresistible pattern of flowers Fragrance, more highlights the modern and elegant women's "Phoebe ordinary" personality.

Fashion glass design and material collision

I have seen all kinds of high-end materials, and I still can't shrink the glass bottle. Many high-grade glass is not cheaper than crystal, not to mention the fact that there are many extreme designs that make the added value of glass unrecognizable.

Many brands of perfumes will choose Murano glass that prevails in European aristocratic buildings and churches. As early as the 16th century, the Murano glass inventor invented the original colorless and transparent glass to produce bright colors - copper or cobalt added to the glass to make blue glass, and the most famous Murano red glass is Made of gold by secret recipe. Since it can be grafted with gold, the glass is also proud.

Another example is China's own high-end fashion cross-border brand double sister. Its night Shanghai perfume design is like a microphone standing on the stage of Paramount. It has a variety of styles. It is based on Shanghai culture and is a collection of luxury and classics. Modern and stylish. This is because the brand was born in 1898, after a hundred years of development, the source of the 30th century on the beach of ladies and gentlemen, the interpretation of the concept of beauty, interpretation of the "beautiful workmanship, the state of extreme ambition" of the East sentiment will be the image of women, become those who jump The cultural identity of fashion people who prefer time and space and prefer Shanghai style is the spiritual consolation of women in the cosmopolitan competition.

Shuangmei Night Shanghai Perfume

The French perfumer who passed down the family reinvented the oriental style of the 1930s and prepared the noble temperament. The bottle made of high-grade glass follows the essence of Shanghai temperament, and Fuxin presents the image of modern Shanghai celebrity, interpreting the brand concept of “East Love, Western Rhyme, and Extreme”. Combining modernity and retro, reinterpreting the charm of Shanghai in the 1930s, presenting the elegance and elegance of Shanghai's socialites. The fascinating first note is made up of bergamot, lime, orange and peach; the elegant mid-tone is made from the scent of jasmine, rose, cyclamen, lily of the valley, violet, and magnolia, and the fruit of the lychee The fresh fragrance of the morning dew adds a touch of glamour; the highlight is the elegant tone: the wood moss of the oakmoss, fragrant roots, white wood and patchouli squirts in the embrace of black fragrant beans and perfume grass... ...