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The First Perfume Museum In Paris Will Be Open To The Public
Jul 06, 2018

The first perfume Museum in Paris will be open to the public

In France, the first perfume Museum, which has been built in two years, will be opened to the public in Paris in December 16th.


"Perfume is an important part of French history, cultural heritage and lifestyle," said Guillaume Demotion, the director of the "great perfume Museum" on the 12 day of media visit. But Paris has a long lack of professional perfume museums in the atmosphere of the museum. The museum aims to fill the gap and increase the public. The understanding and understanding of perfume and olfaction demonstrate the intangible cultural heritage of perfume production.

 The museum has three showrooms. In the perfume history exhibition hall, from the oldest perfume products of the ancient Egypt, the essence of ancient Egypt, the features, functions and production of perfumes from ancient times to the present are introduced. In the olfactory experience hall, visitors can experience the smell of flowers, perfume, and the common fragrance of life in different forms and sense the smell of smell. In the exhibition hall of the perfume making process, visitors can understand 25 kinds of commonly used raw materials, and the digital perfumery master answers the common problems of the public for the production and use of perfume by video.


After a visit, some reporters show that the olfactory experience hall is advanced in scientific and technological means and can stimulate the interest of the visitors. The video explanation of the perfumery master can help the public to understand and use perfume, and the overall layout and the aesthetic standards of the museum are high.


The perfume industry in France has a long history and is in the leading position in the world, and the atmosphere of perfume culture is strong. In 1989, the international perfume museum was completed in Glass, the perfume capital of southern France. There are about 400 new perfumes in France each year. In 2014, the annual sales volume of French perfume and cosmetics amounted to 25 billion euros, accounting for 1/4 of the international market share