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The History Of Perfume Bottle Changes After The 1970s
Jul 13, 2018


Women in the 1970s became strong and independent, and their perfumes were like fuels that ignited, making musk popular in this era (such as Houbigant's Musk). The use of metal trim in the design of women's fragrances is more neutral and practical: the stopper is sometimes replaced by a screw cap, allowing the perfume to splash on the body rather than tapping it where it is needed. These simple designs allow liberated modern women to incorporate luxury into their busy lives.


A revolutionary new concept was introduced in the 1980s: perfumes are classified as combing products. With the introduction of built-in fog (that is, all the perfumes you see on the market today), perfumes become truly portable for the first time. You can carry perfume with you, just like your lipstick, in your bag. Plastics have become the more common bottle material, which makes perfumes available to more female users.

Of course, we are talking about the 1980s, and the gorgeous never left the packaging design theme. The bottles have become more colorful, heavy transparent or black glass geometric bottles, gold-tone metal covers, and many other glamorous details. An example of this is Dior's Poison fragrance, which was launched in 1985 as a deep purple round pharmacy bottle with a bottle of crystal city.


In the mid-1990s, business outsourcing began to rise, and as the outsourcing of labor and packaging became cheaper, the price of perfume began to fall. Even high-end perfumes are sold in pharmacies, along with cheap glass bottles and plastic bottles. With the development of the times, prices have become cheaper, and perfume bottles have become disposable items. Designers began to design perfume packs like toiletries, such as Ralph Lauren's “Polo Sport” that looks like a bottle of shampoo.


Labor and materials are no longer as heavy as the manufacturer's previous efforts, such as color coated glass and lightweight plastics, and perfume makers are beginning to make the most of these materials to design bottles. You can find abstract glass, metal, plastic, and even wooden containers with bottles of all shapes and sizes that have the imaginary taste. There are more celebrity and fashion designers involved in the design of perfume bottles, complex and bold design is very common now. For example, Lady Gaga's "Fame" uses an oval bottle and a gold beetle-shaped lid. When you spray perfume, you can clearly see the black perfume inside. Nicki Minaj even made the same perfume bottle as her Pink Friday.

It is clear that in the past 100 years, bottle design and perfume sales have a close relationship. Next, we can only imagine what we will see (and smell). Let us enter the next hundred years!