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The Most Creative Perfume Bottle
Jul 13, 2018

If the aromatic nose is a scent of scent, then those exquisite perfume bottles are the classic visual art of the gods. Maybe you are not attracted by their fragrance, but you can't resist it. The temptation of these creative bottles.

Harajuku doll solid balm fashion gift box

The Harajuku doll ladies' fragrance series brings fashion trends and fashion attitudes from Harajuku, Japan, and is about all the new trends, eye-catching and ancient spirits. Inspired by the chic street scene of the Harajuku area of Tokyo, it captures the lyrics and styling of Gwen Stefani music. Perfume is designed for those who love her music and are obsessed with the “fatal cute attraction”. Love doll, angel doll, music doll, baby baby. . Different dolls contain different fragrances.

VERA WANG梦想公主淡香水

Is it like a princess who is waiting to marry with a crown? The inspiration for this VERY WANG fragrance is inspired by the unforgettable and moving moments of the wedding. In 2003, she was awarded the Best Women's Fragrance Award in the Fisity Awards. Not only is the design uniquely creative, but the perfume itself is also full of romantic, sexy, whimsical and intoxicating singular mixed atmosphere, which is more memorable!

TOUS perfume bottle

I have to admit that the design of the current perfume bottle is more and more novel and colorful. This super cute peach bear is playful and sly, I believe it will capture the hearts of many women, whether it is the return of a mature woman or a cute little loli. Their nature is released. TOUS's this peach bear has a reason to be your bag.

MARC JACOBS Ms. Roland fragrance

As if the flowers from the bottle, the faint fragrance, beautiful and luxurious. Only the romantic violet can best explain her sensuality, the golden silk thread around the bottleneck is like the noble jewelry worn by women, reflecting the incomparable exquisite and gorgeous feeling.

Anna Sui Nightingale

At the cap is a gorgeous peacock with an open screen. The noble purple exudes an unknown temptation force that makes people unable to stop. The fragrance blends the blend of Samba jasmine, African jasmine and milkshake into a deeper adventure. This fascinating fragrance will definitely make you feel the difference between day and night. Combining adventure and temptation, the night scent is like a bottle of magical potion, releasing the teasing, seduction, charm, and fascination.

Thierry mugler angel

It is like an elf that falls unintentionally into the mortal world. The perfume bottle with a multi-faceted star shape, pure and modern precious bottle design, perfectly interprets the fragrance of sparkling crystal blue ray.

Estee Lauder snails are pure as aroma fragrance

Estee Lauder's perfume bottle design can be regarded as a classic, not only cute, but also has the value of art collection, plus jewels embellished in the body, the value is very high. However, these are not the main points. I believe that the reason why girls are attracted is its creative design.

Givenchy Garden Eau de Toilette

As if placed in a garden full of flowers, the beautiful scent attracts people into the mysterious garden. The mysterious garden built by Hubert Givenchy, who loves nature and gardens, is intertwined with the fragrance of flowers, fruits and grasses in the garden. It is bathed in soft sunshine, warm and elegant and soft fragrance is on the way.