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The Original Disposable Crystal Tableware Has So Much Benefit
Nov 28, 2017

Crystal on the human body has many benefits, in Feng Shui also said that crystal can make people transit. Crystal not only does not release toxic substances at high temperatures endanger human health, but also some of the harmful substances in the food away, make people safer, rest assured dining.

Crystal tableware is currently widely used, because it is not just transparent color, as well as pink, purple and other colors, suitable for holiday gifts or as big S at the banquet on the same time, can also be used as home accessories, ornamental or comparison High. Crystal tableware will not be the same as other porcelain tableware or iron tableware, when the collision made a harsh sound, but the sound of people feel clear and natural.

Crystal tableware can imagine the price is not cheap, and the price will be affected in all aspects, so a few hundred dollars or even thousands of have, the price is still relatively large, after the site visit to buy. Although the price is not cheap, but this does not affect its popularity. Crystal tableware is heavier, different from other tableware light, so be careful when using it, so as not to smash.

The most important thing is that crystal tableware can not contain acidic food, easily lead to lead poisoning, affecting their health. Because crystal tableware itself contains a certain amount of lead, if loaded with acidic foods for too long, it is easy to lead the problem of lead pollution, especially for the more harmful to the underage recognized, if serious, will affect mental development.