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What Are The More Popular Series Of Chanel Perfumes?
Oct 17, 2018

The brand of CHANEL perfume is a brand that was founded in Paris in France in 1913, and the variety of such a brand is indeed very much. Of course, these brands are not only containing perfumes, because their perfumes say It is very popular across the country, but in fact Chanel's brand also has cosmetics or jewelry accessories.

(1) Chanel perfume fresh eau de toilette

On the surface, this perfume is indeed very fresh in production. They can bring a variety of different structural features, and like the surging waves, slowly bloom in the layers surrounded by white musk, slowly You will find that they have a spring-filled green hyacinth, which makes the whole village full of anger, and also has a rich jasmine scent, like the petals of the whole dew, becoming particularly elegant and soft, while It also has a variety of different amber or vetiver wood notes that give more energy and an irresistible energy to the fragrance.

(2) Chanel perfume No.5 No.5

The perfume itself has its magical magical power, and it is also a low-key elegance or a sophisticated fragrance around a woman who sprays such a fragrance at any time. It also represents a woman's breath, but a woman. You can express your feelings through such a kind of perfume, you can not show them, they can have the most unique magical charm, and here is the great perfume of Marilyn Monroe, and even such a product is eternal.

(3) Chanel Chanel COCO Coco Modern Miss Essence

The perfume itself is first given to some young female friends. He is a brand new sale, and they are deep or sexy. They can make us actively deal with the characteristics of life, even such a brand. It’s really very fresh, they can bring us all kinds of different charms, and they can sweep the entire fashion circle, with a fresh oriental as the keynote, giving you a light atmosphere, with the casual and sweet fragrance of the whole perfume. There is even a light floral scent, and it can present a more fresh and sexy temperament, which will bring you a different aroma.