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What Are The Niche Perfume Brands?
Dec 13, 2018

1. Annick Goutal 

Reason for listing: Anni Kegutel is one of the French premium perfume brands and one of the few brands with exclusive perfumers. From the perfume to the packaging, we insist on high quality and authenticity. Unique to France, hired experts to create by hand. The Annick Gute brand ranks among the top five in stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Nieman.


2. Serge Lutens

Reason for the list:Serge Lutens is probably the most extreme brand of niche. The brand's perfume ideas are bold and unconventional, and at the same time they are eager to wear. Serge Lutens perfume is not just for trying, nor for analysis. The Kafka style of writing is a good summary of Serge Lutens theme, including Serge Lutens person and brand, and it is highly recommended to read Kafka's literary works.


3. Amouage

Reasons for the list:Amouage represents the rich luxury and super high quality. Most of the classic scent of Amouage is more intense, and in today's world of popular little fresh smell, it is not suitable for everyone. The admiration of this brand represents paranoia and courage, and proves to everyone that modern perfumes can also pursue the ultimate complex and diverse texture, which is worth knowing.


4. L’Artisan Parfumeur

Reason for listing: L’Artisan perfume may not be the most creative brand (but also launched a number of unique perfumes), but it is suitable for people to use. So tired of the public fragrant want to try the small fragrance, Artisan is the first choice. If you are interested, you can understand the brand history of Artisan. It is still very interesting.


5. Ormonde Jayne

Reason for listing:Ormonde Jayne is a veteran perfume brand from the UK. Its founder, Linda Pilkington, was originally a perfumer and did not have professional perfume training. When she worked for a chemical company, Chanel commissioned her to make an aromatic candle, so she decided to stand on her own – so a new perfume brand was born.

Ormonde Jayne series of perfumes are very unique and good, and the price is reasonable in the niche market. Its perfumes coexist in both classic and modern styles. In China, because this brand of perfume is difficult to buy, there is not much discussion about it, but with its high quality and originality, I believe that it will be paid more and more attention by Chinese consumers in the future.


6. CB I Hate Perfume

Reason for listing: CB I Hate is the abbreviation of perfumer Christopher Brosius. He used to be a taxi driver. Because he felt that some passengers had a bad smell of perfume, he set up "I hate perfume." This brand. Out of anger for inferior perfumes and enthusiasm for real perfumes, he wrote a declaration vowed to create a “real style” fragrance. Today he customizes perfumes for customers, and each fragrance has a unique story behind it.


7. Creed

Reason for listing: At the beginning of the 18th century, Creed founded the perfume brand in the UK—the belief, supplying perfume to the British royal family, including Queen Victoria. After several generations, the faith is still a family brand, now run by Oliver Creed, who insists that all perfume ingredients be hand-weighed, modulated and filtered as they were centuries ago.


8.The Different Company

Reason for listing: perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena founded a different company in 2000. He is one of the most successful perfumers in modern times, and also perfumes for Hermes, Bulgari and Cartier. The classic Hermes Terre d'Hermes perfume is from the perfumer.


9. Xerjoff

Reason for listing: Xerjoff is a high-end Italian brand that has emerged in recent years. It is one of the world's leading luxury perfumes, the perfect combination of natural miracles and Italian craftsmanship. Headquartered in Turin, Italy, the fragrance is modulated in Grasse, and the West is best in Europe and the Middle East. The perfume bottle is made of precious materials such as quartz stone and Murano glass. It is very luxurious and looks like a piece of sculpture.


10. Jo Malone

Reason for listing: The Jo Malone brand was founded in London and is one of the most recognized brands in the world. The brand claims to be the "smell of Savile Street", and customers can match other perfumes on their perfumes, also known as "mixed incense." Jo Malone has always been flaunted by the banner of “perfume mix and match”. Jo Malone is especially popular among Chinese women, and now there are physical stores landing in mainland China.