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What Flavor Of Perfume Will Make People Addicted
Dec 11, 2018

Someone asked, "What flavor of perfume is addictive?" Seeing this problem, I was trembled. If there is a bottle of perfume that can make people react physiologically and directly addicted, how many people will think about it every day. This so-called "addictive"

What is the degree of addiction? After the smell, the pupils are enlarged, the soul ascends to heaven, and instantly merges with the universe, and then one day is uncomfortable.

So translated into the vernacular, the "addictive" here is actually "good news." But this kind of good news must be particularly good, and when people smell it, they feel that the sun is so bright and the world is so beautiful. In the face of such problems, everyone's comprehensive view is always biased, then it depends on the comprehensive rating after the public vote, right? So the perfume with a score higher than 9 on the perfume list can be awarded the “addictive” ranking? When you have such a view and then buy a bunch of classified perfumes, you will find that the high scores of the works may also disappoint you.

"What? The 9.3-point god made Guerlain full of red, is the smell of a flower dew? Are you making a mistake?"

"The famous Chanel No. 5 is the smell of soapy water? You are selling fakes!"

After these perfumes began to sell perfumes, comments from some novice buyers were always ridiculous. In fact, this result is caused by different perfume experiences. Newcomers who are just getting started, because there are too few perfumes, there is no way to appreciate many high-end perfumes. Just like a child who has never eaten McDonald's, it is easy to become addicted to McDonald's. At this time you let him eat caviar, he can only taste the disgusting fish smell. Let him eat black truffles, he may eventually die because of "gas poisoning."

A person's perfume experience determines his olfactory field of view. When you first smell a very ordinary perfume, you will feel good. But when you experience a better perfume, your previous experience will be overtaken, your sense of smell will be enhanced, and you will be able to start accepting perfumes that were previously unacceptable. Through such repeated promotion, one's taste will become more and more critical, the ability of tasting will rise, and it will become more and more difficult to "addiction." In other words, the longer a scented person “sucks”, the higher the threshold of olfactory excitement, and the entry-level variety has become less powerful, requiring more violent, more powerful varieties to make himself high.

Therefore, everyone's sensitivity to perfume is different. This is why a person has been in the incense pit for a long time, and naturally he will be exposed to the salon fragrance, and the taste will become heavier and heavier. And as you become more and more critical, you will be able to accept more and more fragrances.

In addition, everyone's scent preferences are also different! Maybe we can easily agree on the "beauty" of appearance, it would be too difficult! In the final analysis, it is because of different odor preferences. Just like a person who hates sweets, he will not be addicted to sweets for a lifetime.

Therefore, if a perfume wants to be “addictive” and most people are addicted to it, the threshold for tasting should not be too high. It is necessary to strike a balance between pursuing profound meaning and good news, and not blindly satisfying. The public is as versatile as possible.


Secondly, aside from the classification rules to talk about "addictiveness", it will eventually be futile. Everyone has a unique scent preference, some perfumes work especially well for one type of person, while others are completely devoid of feeling. Only through the taxonomy can we get a scientific addiction guide!