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What Perfume Bottle, The United States To Your Collection
Nov 28, 2017

Perfume bottle itself is a work of art. Perfume bottle of perfume, like a woman's clothing, like, highlighting the grade and temperament, and the inherent aroma complement each other, determines your first impression of its content.

Different perfume bottles like a different story, through the design of the bottle to express the unique feelings of perfumer and designer and creative ideas. Wonderful bottle design, not only to attract women to whom the weapon, but also the dresser decorations, but also with a complete bottle of perfume is still cherished collections.

1. Miu Miu Miu Miu Miu Miu water Ms. perfume

2. Hermes Orange Star Ms. Eau De Toilette

3. Marc Jacobs pink daisies dream eau de toilette

4. Bvlgari Bvlgari Rose Lady Eau De Toilette

5. Lanvin wave where the light rhyme lady Eau de Toilette