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Wonderland Flowering Romantic Nightmare I Do Fragrance Kissing NINE PERCENT
Jun 20, 2018

In the garden of Eros, there are pink flowers representing different love words, some pure and some hot. Among the petals of the pink roses, I Do's Kiss perfume is in full bloom. The sparkling bottle is like a precious diamond ring, pink perfume in the bottle, like the love collected in the garden. The flower language, condensed into a dew, drunk. As a jewellery brand that deeply loves beautiful love, I Do immersed itself in the immersed love of different emotions into the first high-level fragrance series. Four bottles of precious sparkling perfumes resemble four well-received diamond rings. They have four touching ones. The names - "beginning", "secret language", "passionate feelings" and "summer wind" are just like the four acts of love in the garden. They show innocence, grace, mystery and freedom.

At the beginning of the press conference, Mr. Li Weisen, Managing Director of HIERSUN Hengxin Diamonds, gave a welcome speech. In addition to expressing his gratitude to all the friends who witnessed the release of I Do's first perfume in person at the scene, he also said that I Do's Kiss is not only new. The cross-border extension product line also continues I Do's “Better Love and Marriage” brand genes, and strives to achieve a better vision from the “wedding brand” to the “emotional brand that represents a beautiful marriage and love”.

I Do's Kiss Kiss perfume series theme image ads launched by I Do's kiss perfume spokesperson NINE PERCENT, will be the romantic atmosphere of the audience to the extreme. The thick sweet honey language turns into a romantic nightmare, like a pink love ocean. Afterwards, I Do's Kiss of Fragrance was accompanied by a flowerbed made up of thousands of moist and sweet flowers. It was like the love of God, and with all the beauty of perfect love, it fell from the air and became I. Do and NINE PERCENT share the intimate testimony of the taste of love.


I Do NINE PERCENT, a spokesperson for the fragrance, showed eight different beans. In the early summer sunshine, I walked with you in I Do's garden of love and fell in love. In the romantic atmosphere of the scene, I Do's Kiss perfume spokesperson NINE PERCENT personally demonstrated their exclusive method of spraying perfume, or cute, or free-spirited, or gentle and cool, and eventually sprayed the sweet. Every corner of the scene and every guest's heart. I hope everybody can find their own unique love and love.

In order to bring the pink rain of “the taste of love, the taste of I Do” to every lover who is immersed in a beautiful love, from May 20th, I Do brought this romantic covenant to Six cities across the country, including Beijing Sanlitun Tongying Center, Xi'an SEG, Chengdu Joy City, Nanjing Golden Eagle Gallery Plaza, Wuhan Han Street Wanda, Guangzhou Grandview Plaza, launched the “I Do Fragrance Kiss” series Experience the shop, so that the aroma of love is boundless.